Master Class in Mathematical Logic

Dear Colleagues,

Please bring the following to the attention
of possibly interested students:

In the academic year 1998-1999 the Universities
of Utrecht and Nijmegen organize, as part of
the MRI Master Class, a year-long education program
in Mathematical Logic. The program is aimed at 
students who intend to enter a Ph.D.-program in the 
subsequent year.

The courses are in English and foreign students are
specifically invited to apply. A limited number
of stipends are available.

The contents of the program are detailed
in a brochure which exists both as
hard copy and electronically. The text 
can be seen on the homepage of the
Mathematical Research Institute. URL:


If you're interested in receiving a hard copy 
of the brochure, please send a message to
Marian Brands, at 


Thank you,

Henk Barendregt
Ieke Moerdijk
Jaap van Oosten