PSSL'66 Registration

         **** Announcement and Registration ****

      The 66th Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic 
                    March 28-29, 1998
                 University of Birmingham

The 66th meeting of the PSSL will be held at the University of
Birmingham, England, over the weekend of 28-29 March 1998. Since its
inception, the focus of the PSSL has broadened and now includes talks
related to category theory, logic and theoretical computer
science. The meetings are informal in nature and talks on work in
progress is welcome.

We have arranged bed and breakfast in the University House which will
cost 23 pounds per night. In addition, a buffet lunch and tea/coffee
will be provided on Saturday and Sunday at a cost of 8 pounds per
day. Student participation is particularly encouraged at this
meeting and hence we have been granted a small fund to help with the
costs of attendence for students. Those interested in this offer
should contact the organisers as soon as possible.

A more detailed announcement will be made closer to the meeting.

More details can be found at


		** Registration **

Please send the following registration information via email to
nxg@cs.bham.ac.uk by Monday 23 March and include the phrase PSSL in
the title. Please make cheques payable to the "University of Birmingham"
in sterling.

Job title:

presentation? (yes/no)

Friday night   @ 23.00:
Saturday night @ 23.00: 

Lunch, Tea, Coffee :
Saturday @ 8.00:
Sunday   @ 8.00:

Total Cost: