CFP: WS Security and Mobility (MOS'98)

                    Secure Internet Mobile Computations

     In association with the 12th European Conference on Object-Oriented
                           Programming (ECOOP'98)
              The ECOOP Workshop on Distributed Object Security

                      21 July 1998, Brussels, Belgium.


                              Call for Participation

Keywords: security, protection, mobile computation formalisms, mobile object
systems,  mobile code,  programming languages,  mobile agents,  java.

Applications executing over the Internet are currently of major interest to
academe and industry  . Mobility of code,  and of running computations  and
objects, is widely regarded as an attractive paradigm for programming these
applications.  Yet, in order for the mobile object  technology  to be  more
widely accepted, innovative security solutions that provide  solid security
guarantees to clients and service providers have to be developed.

The 4th Workshop in the ECOOP series on Mobile Object Systems aims to bring
together mobile object system and language designers, security experts, and
generally  people  interested in  discussing the current  state  and future
direction of  security research  in the  mobile object system  context. The
workshop  will  be a forum   to learn about the latest  research,  and also 
to   discuss   and  exchange  ideas  concerning  on-going  theoretical  and
implementation work.

The workshop will be held on the 21th of July 1998, just prior to the ECOOP 
conference taking place in Brussels, Belgium.

Topics covered

This year's workshop focuses on the security aspects of mobile computations.
The  list   of topics  includes,  but is  not  limited  to,  the  following:

   * Theoretical foundations of secure mobile computations,
   * Mobile object code verification techniques,
   * Security policy modeling for mobile object systems,
   * Security protocols for agent authentication,
   * Integrity and availability issues in mobile object systems,
   * Secure language and system implementation techniques,
   * Java security issues relevant to mobility and mobile code,
   * Mobility related experience reports and horror stories,
   * Secure mobile object system applications.

The workshop is being organized as  part of a "double bill" with the ECOOP
workshop on  Distributed Object Security.  Thus, authors wishing to submit
papers on general security issues are invited to submit that workshop; its
call for papers can be found  http://sirac.inrialpes.fr/~jensen/ewdos.html

Submission of papers

Both  full papers  (maximum 15 pages)  and  position  papers (1 page)  are
welcome.  Authors  wishing  to submit a paper  should  send the  paper  in
postscript format  to the e-mail address ecoopws@cui.unige.ch by March 15,
1998.  Along with  the submitted paper,  authors are  requested  to send a
brief description of their current research activities.

We encourage  submissions presenting original research results, as well as
papers  that attempt  to establish  links  between different approaches to
mobile  system  development,  and/or papers  that include survey material. 
Original  research  results  should  be  clearly  described,  and    their
usefulness to practitioners outlined.

A selection  of the  best  full papers will be  published in the  workshop 

Furthermore,  in  view  of the  cooperation  with  the  ECOOP workshop  on
distributed  object  security, papers received that seem better suited for
that workshop will be forwarded to its organizers.

Workshop format

Paper selection will be based on  the  quality of the  submitted material. 
The number of participants  will be limited,  and attendance  will  be by 
invitation only.  Authors whose papers  are accepted  will  be invited to 
give a presentation.

Important Dates

   * March 15: Deadline for submission of papers.
   * May 15: Notification to authors.
   * June 15: Final version of papers.
   * July 20: Distributed Object Security Workshop.
   * July 21: Secure Internet Mobile Computations Workshop.

Programme Committee

   * Martin Abadi, DEC SRC
   * Brian Bershad, Univ. of Washington
   * Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Research
   * Giuseppe Castagna, ENS
   * Robert Gray, Dartmouth College
   * Dag Johansen, Univ. of Tromso
   * Eric Jul, DIKU Univ. Copenhagen
   * Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego
   * Christian Tschudin, Univ. Zurich
   * Dennis Volpano, NRL


   * Ciaran Bryce, Univ. of Geneva
   * Leila Ismail, INRIA Rhone-Alpes
   * Jan Vitek, Univ. of Geneva