Announcing UMA Forum

Announcing UMA Forum

UMA Forum version 0.1 has been released. UMA Forum is a subset of
Dale Miller's Forum Specification Language (UMA stands for
University of Malaga). The implementation features a new
stack-based resource management system providing an efficient
linear logic proof search strategy. In particular, this resource
management system avoids backtracking through all the splits when
applying a multiplicative rule (par, linear implication,...) from
bottom up.

The current implementation is available at:


A draft paper describing the resource management system is
available upon request by e-mail.

Please, send any comment, suggestion or correction to:

  Pablo Lopez
  Dept. of Computer Science
  University of Malaga. SPAIN
  e-mail: lopez@lcc.uma.es
  www: http://www.lcc.uma.es/personal/lopez