Research Associate Position on Java at Imperial College, LONDON

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The Department
Imperial College London is one of the largest Colleges of the University
of London.  It currently has over forty full-time academic
staff, and is active in research on many topics including Logic and
Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems and Software Engineering, 
Theory and Formal Methods, Advanced Languages and Architectures,
Computer Vision and Computer Graphics, Decision Support and Financial
Modelling, and Communicating Agents. It was rated 5* (the top rating)
in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise, and is also
rated Excellent in teaching.

The Research Project
The research associate will be employed on the 
	SLURP: Sound Languages Underpin Reliable Programming

The SLURP group is investigating the semantics of the Java language.
It has been demonstrated breaches of the Java security may be
originate with the possibility of breaking the type system through a
combination of fooling the byte-code verifier and the linker/loader.
Previous work by the members gives a concise specification of a
substantial portion of the Java programming language and shows that the
type system is sound. That work is being extended to take in
environmental issues such as the effects of separate compilation,
dynamic linking,  the byte-code verifier and finally, to be able to
characterize a large portion of the language and the environment
for which it is demonstrably safe to run externally produced
Java code

The Research Position
The successful applicant will pursue research on the project under the
supervision of Dr Sophia Drossopoulou and Susan Eisenbach.

This project combines both theory and practice. Fluency in Java or a
similar language such as C++ is necessary. Some familiarity with
operational semantics would be very useful. 

Duration and start date
The post is for approximately 30 months, starting as soon as possible
after 1 March 1998.

Salary will be on the RA1A scale (17293 -- 24919 including
a London allowance of 2134) depending on age, qualifications, and

Applications should consist of a full CV with a list of publications,
the names of at least two academic referees, and a short statement in
support of the application.

Please send the completed application to:

	Susan Eisenbach
	Department of Computing
	Imperial College
	180 Queen's Gate
	London SW7 2BZ

	Tel (+44) 171 594 8264.

The closing date is 28 February 1998.

Informal Enquiries
Prospective applicants are welcome to contact Susan Eisenbach for
informal enquiries or discussions. Phone (+44) 171 594 8264 or,
email  se@doc.ic.ac.uk ;

Dr. Sophia Drossopoulou                 tel: +44 171 594 8368
Department of Computing                 fax: +44 171 581 8024
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
LONDON SW7 2BZ, England                 email: sd@doc.ic.ac.uk