Postdoctoral Researcher and Ph.D. Scholarships

		 Postdoctoral Researcher in Computing
   		      Ph.D. Research Scholarships

	      at the Advanced Computing Research Centre
		    University of South Australia

 I'm looking for a postdoctoral researcher with excellent potential 
 to participate in the ARC funded research project
              Program Checking with Constrained Types

 You will cooperate with other team members in the:

   - design and implementation of program checking analyses,
   - further development of the Pizza compiler and related tools,
   - research in type systems and constraint solving.
   - general programming language research.

 Appointment is initially for two years, with the potential of renewal.
 Applicants should have a background in at least two of the following
 areas: functional programming, type systems, constraints, 
 programming language implementation.
 Annual salary: Research Associate: AUS$40,412-AUS$43,329 per annum,
 Research Fellow: AUS$45,663-$54,226 per annum depending on credentials.
 Preference will be given to candidates with a relevant Ph.D. and strong
 research record pertinent to the area of appointment. 
 Applications with curriculum vitae including the names of two
 referees should be forwarded by e-mail to odersky@cis.unisa.edu.au.

 I am also looking for one or two students who would like to do 
 Ph.D. research on this and related projects in the area of 
 programming language foundations. Three-year research scholarships
 at Australian Postgraduate Award Level (AUS$ 15,635 per year) are 
 Further information from:

   Professor Martin Odersky,
   Advanced Computing Research Centre
   School of Computer and Information Science
   Faculty of Information Technology
   University of South Australia
   The Levels, South Australia 5095

   Email:      odersky@cis.unisa.edu.au
   Telephone:  +61 8 8302 5775
   Facsimile:  +61 8 8302 3988.  

 The University of South Australia is based in the Adelaide
 metropolitan area, which has about one million inhabitants. The city
 is close to both beaches and hills and features a world famous
 theatre festival. The climate is Mediterranean with warm, dry
 summers, and moderate winters.

 The University reserves the right to invite applications, or not to make
 an appointment. The University is an Equal Opportunity employer.