Second Call For CP98 Post-Conference Workshop Proposals

  Fourth International Conference on Principles and Practice of
                     Constraint Programming

         Call For CP98 Post-Conference Workshop Proposals

Constraints have emerged as the basis of a representational and
computational paradigm that draws from many disciplines and can be
brought to bear on many problem domains.  The Fourth International
Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP98)
will be held on October 26-30, 1998 at Pisa, Italy and is the main
conference devoted to all aspects of computing with constraints including: 
algorithms, applications, environments, languages, models, systems.
In conjunction with the main conference, several post-conference
workshops are planned at the end of the conference on October 30, 1998.

The role of the post-conference workshops is to provide a platform
for the presentation of preliminary work or novel ideas in a less
formal way than the conference itself.  It is an opportunity to 
disseminate work in progress, particularly so for new researchers. 
It also provides a venue for presenting more specialised topics and
opportunities for more intensive discussions and exchange of ideas.
The topics of the workshops can cover any area related to constraints 
and any related cross-disciplinary areas.

The format of the workshop will be determined by the organizers.
Workshops can vary in length with an expected duration ranging from
half a day up to one day.  Having two or three co-organizers for a 
workshop is strongly advised.

How to Propose a Workshop:

Proposals for workshops should be in English and between two to four pages
in length. They should contain:

  * the title of the workshop
  * a brief technical description of the topics covered by the workshop
  * a discussion of the timeliness and relevance of the workshop
  * the names, affiliation and contact details (email, web page, phone, 
    fax, etc) of the workshop organizing committee together with a
    designated contact person as the workshop coordinator
  * a preliminary plan/schedule for organizing the workshop
  * a list of previously-organized related workshops by any of the
    workshop organizing committee. Although previous experience with
    organizing similar workshops is not required, this information will
    be helpful to the Workshop Chair

Workshop organizers will be responsible for:
  * Producing a "Call for Papers" for the workshop and posting it
    on the net and/or other means. Please provide a web page/URL which can
    be linked into the CP98 home page.
  * Providing a brief description of the workshop for the conference program.
  * Reviewing/accepting submitted papers.
  * Scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the local organizers
    and the workshop chair.
  * Making the accepted papers available to the workshop participants.

Submission Procedure:

Proposals should be submitted electronically (in ASCII, Ghostscript 
compatible Postscript or LaTeX) to the CP98 Workshop Chair, Roland Yap,
at the following address:

        Roland Yap, CP98 Workshop Chair
        Department of Information Systems and Computer Science
        National University of Singapore
        Lower Kent Ridge Road
        Singapore 119260
        Republic of Singapore

        Email: ryap@iscs.nus.edu.sg
        Url:   http://www.iscs.nus.edu.sg/~ryap
        Tel:   +65 874-2972
        Fax:   +65 779-4580


  Workshop proposal submission by:   Fri, Mar 27, 1998
  Notification by:                   Fri, Apr 6, 1998

For more information, please see the CP98 home page: