CSL-98 Call For Papers

                         CSL '98

Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science

             August 23-28, 1998 Brno, Czech Republic
               Federated CSL/MFCS Conference

                      Call for Papers

CSL is the annual conference of the European Association for
Computer Science Logic (EACSL).  The conference is intended for
computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well
as for logicians working on topics significant for computer
science. In 1998 the CSL conference will be organized as a joint event
with MFCS (Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science). The
federated CSL/MFCS conference will have common plenary sessions and
common social program. Participants registering for one conference can
attend talks of both conferences.

Scientific Programme

August 23, 1998: CSL Tutorials
Lev Beklemishev (Russia): Inference Rules in Fragments of Arithmetic
Peter Lee (USA): Proofs, Types, and Safe Mobile Code

August 24--28, 1998: Invited Lectures and Contributed Papers
The list of invited speakers will include: 

Joint CSL/MFCS plenary talks: 
   D. Harel (Israel), W. Maass (Austria), Y. Matiyasevic (Russia),
   M. Yannakakis (USA)

CSL invited speakers:
   P. Hajek (Czech Republic), J. Mitchell (USA), I. Nemeti (Hungary),
   Th. Schwentick (Germany), J. Tiuryn (Poland) 

MFCS invited speakers: 
   G. Ausiello (Italy), E. Boerger (Italy), Y. Gurevich (USA),
   R. Karp (USA), T. Leighton (USA), K. Mehlhorn (Germany), 
   S. Micali (USA), M. Nielsen (Denmark), A. Pnueli (Israel), 
   P. Pudlak (Czech Republic), C. Stirling (UK), 
   J.Wiedermann (Czech Republic)


Authors are invited to submit a draft or full paper (up to 12
pages). The cover page should include title, authors, and
corresponding authors (name, address, phone/fax number, e-mail
address). Submission forms can be obtained from:


or by sending an empty message with Subject: submission information to:

Electronic submissions are encouraged. Alternatively, five hard copies
should be received by April 15, 1998 by:

Prof. Georg Gottlob, CSL '98
Institute of Information Systems
TU Vienna                          Phone:  +43 1 58801 6120
Paniglgasse 16                     Fax:    +43 1 5055304
A - 1040 VIENNA/AUSTRIA            E-mail: csl98@dbai.tuwien.ac.at

Authors will be notified of acceptance for presentation at the
conference by June 18, 1998.  A preliminary version of the full paper
to be submitted to the proceedings volume (LNCS Springer-Verlag)
should be available at the conference. Authors will be notified of
acceptance of their paper by December 15, 1998.

Program Committee:

K. R. Apt (Netherlands) G. Gottlob (co-chair) (Austria)  G. Longo (France)
F. Baader (Germany)     M. Kanovich (Russia)             J. Paredaens (Belgium)
A. Carbone(France)      E. Grandjean (co-chair) (France) A. A. Razborov (Russia)
T. Coquand (Sweden)     C. Lautemann (Germany)           A. Scedrov (USA)
M. Fitting (USA)        A. Leitsch (Austria)             K. Stroetmann (Germany)
A. Goerdt (Germany)     D. Leivant (USA)                 A. Voronkov (Sweden)

EACSL Board:
M. Bezem, I. Stewart, C. Lautemann, P. Hajek, S. Martini, E. Palmgren,
Ch. Paulin, A. Razborov, M. Vardi