Call for participation: Unif 98

Call for participation:

                                             Unif 98
                 Twelfth International Workshop on Unification

                                          Rome, Italy
                                  June 29 - July 1, 1998


This workshop is the 12th of a series of international meetings.
The last three appointments took place in Spain (1995),Germany (1996) and
France (1997).

The aim of UNIF'98, as that of the previous meetings, is to allow people
interested in this field,
to discuss new ideas and  trends about unification and its extensions.
 This meeting is however open to people interested in other related areas,
who could profit of this opportunity to have an  overview of the state of
the art in this research area.

       The topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

                                              Unification algorithms
                                             Higher order Unification
                                               Modular Unification
                                                Typed Unification
                                              Constraints resolution
                                               Unification Calculi

Important dates:

March 30 - 1998
application for participation to venturin@dsi.uniroma1.it indicating

                    1. full name and address
                    2. whether you intend to give a talk.

and, for participants willing to give a talk:

May 20 - 1998
 sending (to venturin@dsi.uniroma1.it) an abstract of the talk
 ( postscript format and latex2e file with non standard macros included.)

Organizing Commitee chaired by:
Marisa Venturini Zilli
Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione-Univ. di Roma "La Sapienza"