CompulogNet Meeting on Computational Logic and Machine Learning

[This meeting may be of interest to readers of the Types mailing
list. Many existing learners are based on untyped Prolog
technology. However, it is recognised that a type system can
substantially cut down the search space of possible hypotheses. Hence
research which addresses the issue of reducing search through the use
of types would be of great interest to the meeting.]

                       Call for Papers

                JICSLP'98 Post-Conference Workshop

                   CompulogNet Area Meeting on 
            Computational Logic and Machine Learning  
                       June 20th, 1998
                        Manchester, UK

           Organiser: John Lloyd, University of Bristol

The next CompulogNet Area Meeting on "Computational Logic and 
Machine Learning" will be held as a Post-Conference Workshop 
at JICSLP'98. This meeting is sponsored by the ESPRIT Network of
Excellence in Computational Logic (CompulogNet).

The theme of the meeting will be 

  "Logic Programming and Machine Learning: A Two-way Connection".

There is a two-way connection between logic programming and machine 
learning. For example, LP has already significantly influenced 
(symbolic) ML through the field of inductive logic programming.
There is potential for even greater influence in the near future, 
for example, through the application of constraint or higher-order 
LP languages, and through the use of abduction.  On the other hand, 
ML has influenced LP by providing an application area full of
industrially significant problems which can provide a challenge 
for the most sophisticated and up-to-date techniques of logic 

To make the meeting attractive to Logic Programmers who know little
about machine learning, the meeting will start with two invited 
overview talks by experts in machine learning:

"The Logic of Learning: An Overview of Inductive Logic Programming", 
Peter Flach, University of Bristol, UK.

A talk on machine learning applications, speaker TBA.

This meeting will be an excellent opportunity for Logic Programmers 
to learn about an exciting application area for computational logic
and also for Machine Learners to find out about recent advances in
computational logic which have applications to machine learning.    

Submission of papers
Submitted papers should be short papers of AT MOST 7 pages. Papers 
which directly address the main theme of the meeting or present recent 
advances in (symbolic) machine learning are particularly encouraged. 

Papers, in final form, should be submitted either as hard copy or 
electronically as a .dvi or .ps file.  Formatting of papers should 
be suitable for reproduction on A4-sized paper. Use 11pt font and a 
6in (15cm) line length. There are no other particular formatting 

Submitted papers will be refereed by a committee. Accepted papers will 
be published in the proceedings of the meeting which will be distributed 
to participants. Submission of a paper implies an agreement to present
the paper at the meeting, if the paper is accepted.

Important dates
Submission deadline: Friday, 8th May, 1998.

Acceptance notification: Friday, 22nd May, 1998.

Workshop date: Saturday, 20th June, 1998.

Submissions and enquiries
John Lloyd 
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
Woodland Road
Bristol BSR 1TR 


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