Visiting Assistant Professor Position


My Department at Kansas State University is searching for someone to fill
a two-year position as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  The position
starts mid-August, 1998; it requires approximately 40% commitment to research
duties and 60% commitment to teaching duties. 

The advert for the position is listed below.

Of course, I would be pleased if someone who has interest in theory
and applications of programming languages would receive the position. 
My department has an active group in this area;
members consist of myself (semantics and abstract interpretation),
Allen Stoughton (lambda calculus and intuitionistic logic),
Michael Huth (concurrency theory and model checking), Matthew Dwyer (data-flow
analysis and model checking), and John Hatcliff (partial evaluation).

If you would like further information about the position, please feel
free to contact me by email.

David Schmidt


Visiting Assistant Professor Position
Department of Computing and Information Sciences
The Department of Computing and Information Sciences at Kansas State University
invites applications for a two year visiting assistant professor position 
beginning in Fall 1998.  Applicants should have a PhD degree (or all but 
dissertation defense) in computer science by the starting date of the 
appointment; salary will be commensurate with qualifications.  Applicants must 
be committed to both teaching and research. All areas of computer science will 
be considered, but preference will be given to good teachers whose research 
complements our existing research programs in programming languages, software 
engineering, parallel & distributed systems, data/knowledge systems, and 
computational science.  Applications must include descriptions of teaching and 
research interests along with copies of representative publications. Non-U.S. 
citizens must include visa status.
The department has a faculty of 17 and offers BS, MS, MSE, and PhD degrees.  
Computing facilities center around a network of UNIX- and Solaris-based single-
and multi-processor Sun workstations, X-terminals, and PCs.  Details can be 
found at the URL http://www.cis.ksu.edu/
Please send applications to Dr. Virgil Wallentine, Head, Department of 
Computing and Information Sciences, 234 Nichols Hall, Kansas State University, 
Manhattan, KS 66506 (email: virg@cis.ksu.edu).  Review of applications will 
commence on May 15, 1998.  Applications will be accepted until position is 
Kansas State University is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer.