CFP: Instructional Meeting on Semantics and Types for Concurrency

                  Instructional Meeting on Recent Advances  
                    Semantics and Types for Concurrency: 
                             Theory & Practice 
                         Imperial College, London 
                             7--9 July 1998

This workshop is centered around recent developments in semantic and
type-theoretic foundations for concurrency and (industrial)
applications of these results. The recent explosion of activity on the
internet and world wide web has highlighted the need for formal
foundations for secure distributed systems. The nature of computing is
changing constantly, and new techniques have to be developed to cope
with these changes. In addition to bringing together a coherent body
of existing work on theoretical foundations for such complex systems,
the meeting will also serve as a forum for discussing practical
applications, and future directions. The beneficiaries of this meeting
are PhD students, and established researchers who wish to learn about
recent developments in the area.

The invited speakers are:

  Nick Benton, Persimmon IT, Inc., Cambridge. 
  Philippa Gardner, University of Cambridge. 
  Simon Gay, Royal Holloway, University of London. 
  Andrew Gordon, Microsoft Research, Cambridge. 
  Will Harwood, APM, Cambridge. 
  Yves Lafont, CNRS, Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy, Marseille. 
  Dusko Pavlovic, Kestrel Institute, Palo Alto. 
  Peter Sewell, University of Cambridge. 
  Jean-Pierre Talpin, INRIA, Rennes.

The meeting is supported by the EPSRC/LMS MATHFIT initiative. The
registration fee is 25 pounds sterling for students, and 40 pounds
sterling for others. The deadline for registration is June 22,
1998. Places are limited, so please register early. Due to funding
from MATHFIT, there will be a few grants for PhD students. For further
details, visit the website


or contact the organizers:

  Rajagopal Nagarajan, Imperial College, email:- <R.Nagarajan@doc.ic.ac.uk>,
  phone:- (0171)594 8291. 
  Bent Thomsen, ICL, email:-<bt@sst.icl.co.uk>, phone:- (01344) 472510. 
  Lone Leth Thomsen, ICL, email:- <lone@sst.icl.co.uk>, 
  phone:- (01344) 472555.