Call for Participation: Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols

                       Call for Participation

            Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols

                       Thursday, 25 June, 1998
                        Indianapolis, Indiana
                         (following LICS'98)  

          SEE THE LICS WEB-PAGE http://lics98.cs.indiana.edu/.

  Computer security protocols are notoriously difficult to get right.
  Surprisingly simple problems with some well known protocols have been found
  years after the original protocol was published and extensively analyzed.  

  Our workshop goal is to bring together the formal methods and security
  communities.  Security is a current hot topic in the formal methods
  community, and we hope that this workshop can help focus these energies.

  The overall program will aim to address questions such as: What are the
  opportunities in security for more formal reasoning and analysis?  Where
  should formal methodists be spending their talent, time, and energy?  What are
  the more pressing security problems now and in the future?


   9:00-10:30  Keynote speaker: Roger Needham (Cambridge University)

  10:30-10:45  Break

  10:45-12:15  Paper session I:
              "Justifying Finite Resources for Adversaries in Automated Analysis of
               Authentication Protocols"
                 Scott D. Stoller (Indiana University)

              "Using the NRL Protocol Analyzer to Examine Protocol Suites"
                 Catherine Meadows (NRL)

              "A Machine Checkable Logic of Knowledge for Specifying Security
               Properties of Electronic Protocols"
                 Ed Clarke, Will Marrero and Somesh Jha (CMU)

  12.15-1:20   Lunch
  1:20-2:00    Paper session II: 

              "ActiveSPEC: A Framework for the Specification and Verification of
               Active Network Services and Security Policies"
                 Darryl Dieckman, Perry Alexander and Philip A. Wilsey (U. of Cincinnati)

              "Specification and Analysis of Mobile IP Using ASTRAL"
                 Zhe Dang and Richard Kemmerer (U.C. Santa Barbara)

   2:00-2:10   Break
   2:10-3:10   Paper session III: 

              "Protocol Specification and Analysis in Maude"
                 G. Denker and J. Meseguer (SRI)

              "Relating Two Models of Computation for Security Protocols"
                 Paul F. Syverson (NRL)

              "Strand Space Pictures"
                 F. Javier Thayer Fabrega, Jonathan C. Herzog
                 and Joshua D. Guttman (MITRE)

   3:10-4:00   Graduate student "work in progress" poster session

   4:00-5:30   Panel and Discussion:
               Formal Methods ...
                 What we can do now/soon?
                 What should we be doing?
                 Open problems?
               Panelists: Martin Abadi (DEC),
                          Doug Tygar (CMU)
                          Roger Needham (Cambridge University)

  WEBSITE: http://www.cs.bell-labs.com/~nch/fmsp

    Register using the LICS98 registration procedure (workshop registration is
    at the bottom of the LICS registration form).   You do not have to
    register/attend LICS to go to the workshops.  For local arrangements,
    printable registration forms and other information, see the LICS98 webpage
    http://lics98.cs.indiana.edu/.  Early registration is $65, late registration
    (after May 15) is $80.

    Registration for the first 15 students will be free, courtesy of Bell Labs
    (Lucent Technologies).  Please register normally using the web registration form,
    and put the following comment in the special request field

        "student registration to security workshop, 
         covered by grant"

    and deduct the appropriate amount from the total registration fee.
    (We will notify you if the grant funds are exhausted.)

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