PROGRAMME and  CALL for PARTICIPATION

               9th International Conference on Concurrency Theory
                    Nice, France, September 8-11, 1998

As early September is still high season in Nice, we strongly encourage
you to make your hotel reservations and travel arrangements well in

Technical Programme

Tuesday 8 September 

9:00 - 9:15 - Opening of the conference

9:15 - 10:15  Invited Talk 

      Moshe Vardi (Rice University, USA) 
      Sometimes and Not Never Re-revisited: On Branching
      Versus Linear Time 

10:15 - Break, Refreshments 

10:30 - 12:30

      Controllers for Discrete Event Systems via Morphisms,
      P. Madhusudan, P. S. Thiagarajan 
      Synthesis from Knowledge-Based Specifications, 
      R. van der Meyden, M. Vardi 
      The Regular Viewpoint on PA-Processes, 
      D. Lugiez, Ph. Schnoebelen 

      Herbrand Automata for Hardware Verification, 
      W. Damm, A. Pnueli, S. Ruah 

12:30   Lunch 

2:00 - 4:00

      Control Flow Analysis for the pi-calculus, 
      C. Bodei, P. Degano, F. Nielson, H. Riis 

      The Tau-Laws of Fusion, 
      J. Parrow, B. Victor 
      From Higher-Order pi-Calculus to pi-Calculus in the Presence of
      Static Operators, 
      J-L. Vivas, M. Dam 
      Minimality and Separation Results on Asynchronous Mobile
      Processes: representability theorem by concurrent combinators, 
      N. Yoshida 

4:00  Break, Refreshments 

4:30 - 6:00

      Abstract games for infinite-state processes, 
      P. Stevens 

      Alternating Simulation, 
      R. Alur, T. Henzinger, O. Kupferman 
      Possible Worlds for process algebras, 
      S. Veglioni, R. de Nicola 

4:30 - 6:00 - Parallel Tutorial Session 
      Gerard Berry (CMA Ecole des Mines, France) 
      [topic: Synchronous reactive programming and Esterel] 

Wednesday 9 September

9:00 - 10:00  Invited Talk  
      Jan Rutten (CWI, Netherlands)
      Automata and Coinduction

10:00 Break, Refreshments 

10:30 - 12:30

      Axioms for Real-Time Logics, 
      J-F. Raskin, P-Y. Schobbens, T. Henzinger 
      Priority and Maximal Progress are completely axiomatisable, 
      H. Hermanns, M. Lohrey 
      Simulation is Decidable for One-counter Nets, 
      P.A. Abdulla, K. Cerans 
      From Rewrite Rules to Bisimulation Congruences, 
      P. Sewell 

12:30 - Lunch 

2:00 - 3:00   Invited Talk 

      Jean-Bernard Stefani (CNET, France Telecom)
      [topic: Open distributed systems]

3:00 - 4:00

      Reasoning about asynchronous communication in dynamically
      evolving object structures, 
      F.S. de Boer 
      Modelling IP Mobility, 
      R. Amadio, S. Prasad 

4:00  Break, Refreshments 

4:30 - 6:00

      Reduction in TLA, 
      E. Cohen, L. Lamport 
      Detecting Deadlocks in Concurrent Systems, 
      L. Fajstrup, E. Goubault, M. Raussen 
      Unfold/Fold Transformations of CCP programs, 
      S. Etalle, M. Gabbrielli, M. Chiara Meo 

4:30 - 6:00  Parallel Tutorial Session 

      Benjamin Pierce (Indiana U., USA)
      [topic: Types in concurrency]

Thursday 10 September

9:00 - 10:00  Invited Talk 
      Ulrich Herzog (Erlangen, Germany) 
      [topic: Process algebra for performance evaluation]

10:00  Break, Refreshments 

10:30 - 12:30

      Algebraic techniques for timed systems, 
      A. Benveniste, C. Jard, S. Gaubert 
      Probabilistic Resource Failures in Real-Time Process Algebra, 
      A. Philippou, O. Sokolsky, I. Lee, R. Cleaveland, S. Smolka 
      Towards Performance Evaluation with General Distributions in
      Process Algebras, 
      M. Bravetti, M. Bernardo, R. Gorrieri 
      Stochastic Transition Systems, 
      L. de Alfaro 

12:30  Lunch

Afternoon and Evening: 
      Excursion to Cap Ferrat and banquet at the
      Royal Riviera Hotel of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat 

Friday 11 September

9:00 - 10:00  Invited Talk 

      Tom Henzinger (University of California at Berkeley, USA)
      It's About Time: Real-time Logics Reviewed 

10:00  Break, Refreshments 

10:30 - 12:30

      Controlled Timed Automata, 
      F. Demichelis, W. Zielonka 
      On Discretization of Delays in Timed Automata and Digital
      E. Asarin, O. Maler, A. Pnueli 
      Partial Order Reductions for Timed Systems, 
      J. Bengtsson, B. Jonsson, J. Lilius, W. Yi 
      Unfolding and Finite Prefix for Nets with Read Arcs, 
      W. Vogler, A. Semenov, A. Yakovlev 

12:30  Lunch 

2:00 - 4:00 

      Asynchronous and asynchronous cellular automata for pomsets, 
      D. Kuske 
      Deriving unbounded Petri nets from formal languages, 
      Ph. Darondeau 
      Decompositions of Asynchronous Systems, 
      R. Morin 
      Synthesis of ENI-systems Using Minimal Regions, 
      M. Pietkiewicz-Koutny 

4:00 - Break, Refreshments 

4:30 - 6:00

      A categorical axiomatics for bisimulation, 
      G. L. Cattani, J. Power, G. Winskel 
      Fibrational Semantics of Dataflow Networks, 
      E. W. Stark 
      A Relational Model of Non-Deterministic Dataflow, 
      Th. Hildebrandt, P. Panangaden, G. Winskel 

4:30 - 6:00  Parallel Tutorial Session 

      Jan Friso Groote (CWI, Netherlands)
      Computer checking verifications of protocols and distributed

6:00   Closing of the conference

Satellite events

   COTIC'98:  2nd international workshop on Concurrent Constraint
       Programming for Time Critical Applications 
   EXPRESS'98:  5th international workshop on Expressiveness in
   HLCL'98:  3rd international workshop on High-Level Concurrent
   PAPM'98: 6th international workshop on Process  Algebra and
       Performance Modeling 
   CONFER W.G.:  4th workshop of the CONFER (Concurrency and
       Functions: Evaluation and Reduction) working group. 

Participation to COTIC'98, EXPRESS'98 and HLCL'98  will require no fees; 
PAPM'98 will require a (low) fee; participation to CONFER is by

CONCUR 98: Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the CONCUR conferences is to bring together
researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory
of concurrency, and promote its applications. Interest in this
topic is continuously growing, as a consequence of the importance
 of concurrent systems and their applications, and of the scientific
relevance of their foundations.

The scope of CONCUR'98 covers all areas of semantics, logics, and
verification techniques for concurrent systems.  A list of specific
topics includes (but is not limited to) concurrency related aspects of
models of computation and semantic domains, process algebras, Petri
nets, event structures, real-time systems, hybrid systems,
decidability, model-checking, verification techniques, refinement
techniques, term and graph rewriting, distributed programming, logic
constraint programming, object-oriented programming, typing systems
and algorithms, case studies, tools and environments for programming
and verification.

Venue and local arrangements

Nice is ideally located on the French Riviera. September is still very
pleasant, while less crowded than the high season. Nice's
international airport is well-connected to all major european and
non-european cities.

The conference will be held at the auditorium of Nice
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which is conveniently located
in the heart of Nice, between the city center and the old town, and 20
minutes walk to the beach. The Museum is next to the Hotel Novotel,
where tutorials, satellite workshops, and registration will be held.

Social programme 

- cocktail offered by the City of Nice at the Modern Art Museum Cafe
- excursion at Cap Ferrat on Thursday 10.
  Cap Ferrat is a beautiful promontory between Nice and Monaco. Its
  attractions include: walks with spectacular views of the coast,
  beaches, Villa Kerylos (a copy of a sumptuous antique Greek house), 
  Ephrussi de Rothchild Foundation, the charming villages of
  St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and  Beaulieu-sur-Mer. 
- banquet on Thursday 10 (evening) at the  Royal Riviera Hotel of
  St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (one of the coast's most stylish establishments).

Registration fees
                by July 15      after July 15 

     Regular:   2,100  FFs        2,500  FFs.
     Student:   1,500  FFs        1,800  FFs. 

The regular fees include: proceedings, 4 lunches and coffee breaks;
excursion on Thursday afternoon; conference dinner on Thursday
evening. The student fees do not include proceedings, and the conference
dinner and excursion on Thursday.

For accompanying persons, participation to excursion and banquet of 
Thursday 10  costs 380 FFs. 

The conference  registration form is appended below. It should be 
sent back to us, either  electronically or by fax (instructions  for 
this and for payment are on the form). 


There are two alternative forms for the hotels, one 
for Novotel and one for other hotels. Both these forms 
can be found at the CONCUR 98 web page. 

Prices Novotel:

  450 FFs per night in single room, breakfast included
  550 FFs per night in double room, breakfast included
  4 FFs Local tax per night per person

  These special prices are guaranteed at reservation by  Novotel 
  until June 30th only. 

Average prices for other hotels (both for single and for double 

	hotel category     price 

  	  **               300 / 350 FFs
	 ***	    	   360 / 400 FFs


           CONCUR 98 Registration Form

           (Please return to Dany Sergeant, 
                either by email to: Dany.Sergeant@sophia.inria.fr
                      or by fax to:  (+33) 4 92 38 79 55        ) 

Given name: ___________________
Middle initials: ______________
Family name: __________________
[ ] male  [ ] female

Affiliation: ________________
Address: ____________________
Postal code (and state): ____
Country: ____________________

e-mail: _____________________
fax: ________________________
telephone: __________________

Special dietary requirements: __________________

Special requirements: __________________________

Expected date of arrival: ______________________
Expected date of departure: ____________________

Payment (all payments in French Francs):

[ ]Regular conference registration
      * before July 15:  2,100  FFs
      * after  July 15:  2,500  FFs

[ ]Student conference registration
      * before July 15:  1,500  FFs
      * after  July 15:  1,800  FFs

The regular fees include: LNCS proceedings, 4 lunches and coffee breaks;
excursion on Thursday afternoon; conference dinner on Thursday evening. 
The student fees do not include proceedings, conference dinner 
and excursion on Thursday.

[ ] Satellite Worskhop registrations

    * COTIC'98:    yes / no   (no fees)
    * EXPRESS'98:  yes / no   (no fees)

    * HLCL'98:     yes / no   (no fees)
    * PAPM'98:     yes / no   (price: 80 FFs to be paid on location, 
                                             the day of the workshop)

Regardless of the fees, participation to any of these workshops
includes coffee breaks and workshop materials (such as proceedings,
where appropriate).

[ ]Additional tickets for excursion  and banquet, on Thursday 10 September.
      No of persons: ____ price per person: 380 FFs  =  total:  _______

                                                     TOTAL (FFs) _______
This total amount is due on registration.

Payments should be made in french currency to "Agent Comptable de l'INRIA",

    * by Post Office check,
      to the account (CCP Paris 30041-00001-090945B 2031)

    * by Bank Tranfer order to "Tresorerie Generale des Yvelines-Versailles",
      to the account (10071-78000-00003003958 80)

Please state your name and the name of the conference with the payment.

CANCELLATIONS: Fees will be returned in full for any cancellation received 
prior to August, 25th. No refund will be made after this date.

For further information on registration, feel free to contact:
        Dany SERGEANT 
        2004 Route des Lucioles, BP 93
        E-mail: Dany.Sergeant@sophia.inria.fr
        Tel: (+33) 4 92 38 77 05
        Fax: (+33) 4 92 38 79 55

For further information, check URL <http://www.inria.fr/concur98/>, 
or mail to concur98@sophia.inria.fr.