Structural subtyping

Gary T. Leavens wrote:
> That said, as a Java programmer, I've often wished for structural
> subtyping, as it's impossible to provide, for example, a reusable
> container class that relies on the elements implementing some
> interface.  You simply can't expect that other people would know enough
> to implement that interface ahead of time.

Structural subtyping may help, but I don't believe it's the answer. If the
original programmer didn't know enough to implement the interface, then you'll
be lucky if they used the right method name(s) and signatures. Naming
conventions and other stylistic conventions can help, but it's all still rather

In general you're going to need glue code of some kind (sometimes just a
renaming mechanism, often more). I'd rather have support for convenient,
flexible and efficient glue in the language than structural subtyping (but both
would be nice). The parameterized extensions proposed by Flatt et al. in this
year's POPL might fit the bill.

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