BANE release

The Berkeley program analysis group is pleased to announce a public
release of BANE, the Berkeley ANalysis Engine.  BANE is a system for
constructing type- and constraint-based program analyses.

One of our goals is to accelerate research in program analysis by
making it easier for other research groups to both prototype
interesting analyses and carry out experiments on real programs.  To
this end BANE includes a lot of infrastructure beyond the program
analysis core (e.g., an ANSI C parser).  BANE is written in SML/NJ and
is available at http://bane.cs.berkeley.edu.

The highlights of the release are:

   * A set of constraint "building blocks" and a mechanism for
     composing them easily to build new program analyses.

   * Front ends for SML/NJ and C.  (Java support is planned for
     a future release.)

   * A simple visualization system for browsing the results of
     program analysis. 

   * An interactive text frontend for entering constraints and 
     examining solutions.

   * Example applications, including points-to analysis for C
     and uncaught exception inference for SML.

   * A number of BANE tutorials.

Alex Aiken
Manuel Faehndrich
Jeff Foster
Zhendong Su