ICFP'98 Functional Programming Contest

                 ICFP Functional Programming Contest

Convinced your favorite functional programming language provides
unbeatable productivity?  Do its types tickle your tastebuds?
Perhaps it's just the case that functional programming languages
attract better programmers than other languages ... and you and your
friends are the best of the best.

If so, we've provided you the opportunity to prove it! The ICFP
steering committee has designed a programming contest to be conducted
in conjunction with ICFP'98. All programmers are invited to enter
the contest; we especially encourage students to enter teams.

We've designed the programming contest for direct, head-to-head
comparison of language technology and programming skill. We have
a range of prizes for the winners: cash awards, free conference
registrations to ICFP'98 in Baltimore, famous texts on functional
languages donated and autographed by the authors, and, of course,
unlimited bragging rights.

We request interested applicants to register before the contest starts
on Thursday, August 27, 1998.

For more details, please see the ICFP Functional Programming Contest page:

Details on the ICFP'98 conference and workshops can be found here: