paper on functions as pi-calculus processes

The paper below, a  tutorial on the representation of functions as
pi-calculus processes, is availabile from


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It is thought  as a draft of a chapter of a book that I am writing
with David Walker.  Comments, remark, etc. are warmly appreciated!! 

Davide Sangiorgi

Title: Interpreting functions as pi-calculus processes: a tutorial
 note: To appear as INRIA Technical Report RR-3470 
pages: 92

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the relationship between
  lambda-calculus and pi-calculus.  The lambda-calculus talks about
  functions and their applicative behaviour. This contrasts with the
  pi-calculus, that talks about processes and their interactive
  behaviour.  Application is a special form of interaction, and
  therefore functions can be seen as a special form of processes.  We
  study how the functions of the lambda-calculus (the computable
  functions) can be represented as pi-calculus processes. The
  pi-calculus semantics of a language induces a notion of equality on
  the terms of that language. We therefore also analyse the equality
  among functions that is induced by their representation as
  pi-calculus processes.
    This paper is intended as a tutorial.  It however contains some
  original contributions. The main ones are: the use of well-known
  Continuation Passing Style transforms to derive the encodings into
  pi-calculus and prove their correctness; the encoding of typed