position opennings


	       ROPAS: Research On Program Analysis System
	      National Creative Research Initiative Center
 	    Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

The ROPAS center is looking for 2 research professors (Ph.D.) and
research staffs of Ph.D.- or M.S.-level. Applicants should have
background and interest in one or more of the following areas:  

  - semantic-based program analyses
  - program specification and proof
  - computational logics and calculi
  - compiler systems for HOT (higher-order, typed) programming languages
  - compiler systems for conventional imperative languages
  - programming language semantics
  - programming environment and tools
  - functional programming
  - financial or numerical software system

The center's flagship project is "The LET Project: program analysis for
generating smalL, safE, and smarT code," which focuses on HOT language
compilers for generating codes that are as small as possible, can be
checked against safety violation, and are self-optimizing.
The center's research staffs will cooperate on  compiler systems,
programming language theories, and semantics-based static analysis. 

- The appointment is initially for one to three years with a potential renewal
  for the next three years.
- Salary is competitive, negotiable, and commensurate with experience.
- Air fares for relocation will be covered.
- All financial supports for outstanding studies (e.g., expenses for
  research travels and international collaborations) will be fully
- The center is fully supported by the National Creative Research
  Initiative program of the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology. 

Please direct inquiries and applications to

  Prof. Kwangkeun Yi
  ROPAS: Research On Program Analysis System
  National Creative Research Initiative Center
  Department of Computer Science
  Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
  373-1 Kusong-dong Yusong-gu
  Taejon 305-701, KOREA


KAIST is Korea's most prestigious university for science and
engineering. (~2500 undergraduate students, ~3500 graduate students, and
~400 faculty members.) For more information, you may check
http://www.kaist.ac.kr or the cover article of the Nature's July 1993 issue.
KAIST is located 90miles (140km) south of Seoul, in a cozy Taeduk Science Town.