a repository for CS research

I include below an announcement of a newly created repository for CS
research. There are at least two subareas in this repository,
Programming Languages and Logic in Computer Science, that should be of
interest to subscribers to this mailing list. 


Announcing A Computing Research Repository

Researchers have made their papers available by putting them on personal
web pages, departmental pages, and on various ad hoc sites known only
to cognoscenti.  Until now, there has not been a single repository to 
which researchers from the whole field of computing can submit reports.  

This is about to change.  Through a partnership of ACM, the Los Alamos 
e-Print archive, and NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical
Reference Library), an online Computing Research Repository (CoRR) is 
being established.  The Repository has been integrated into the 
collection of over 20,000 computer science research reports and other 
material available through NCSTRL (http://www.ncstrl.org) and will be 
linked with the ACM Digital Library.  Most importantly, the Repository 
will be available to all members of the community at no charge.

We encourage you to start using the Repository right away.  For more details,
see http://xxx.lanl.gov/archive/cs/intro.html.  That site provides 
information on how to submit documents, browse, search, and subscribe to 
get notification of new articles of interest.  Please spread the word 
among your colleagues and students.  CoRR will only gain in value as
more researchers use it.  

See http://www.acm.org/repository for a more detailed description of CoRR.