Call for Papers - LambekFest

A repeat / reminder notice:


The (electronic) journal "Theory and Applications of Categories" has
agreed to publish a special volume in honour of the work of our
colleague Joachim Lambek, in celebration of his 75th birthday,
which was marked by a symposium at McGill on his actual birthday last
December 5th, 1997.  We welcome submissions to this volume from anyone
interested. All papers submitted will undergo the usual TAC referee
process, and we are hopeful that the final volume will be ready before
summer 1999.  (For the TAC home page, see <http://www.tac.mta.ca/tac/>).

Topics suitable for the volume include any of the subjects to which
Jim Lambek has contributed which fall roughly within the scope of TAC.
For example, categorical algebra, categorical logic and proof theory,
mathematical linguistics, algebra and ring theory (preferably with
some categorical application or methodology), categorical computer
science, etc.

We would like to note that a companion volume is also being prepared
by the journal "Mathematical Structures in Computer Science" - there
may still be room for a very small number of short-to-moderate-length
papers to be included in that volume. If you wish your submission to
be considered for that, please indicate this when you submit your
paper to us.  (Of course, MSCS's emphasis is more towards computer

The submission deadline for the Lambek Fest volume is 30 January,
1999.  Please send a postscript file (uuencoded and compressed, if
possible) to rags@math.mcgill.ca, or 3 paper copies to

 R.A.G. Seely             
 Department of Mathematics
 McGill University        
 805 Sherbrooke St W
 Montreal, Quebec
 Canada, H3A 2K6

(If possible) please send an email message to rags@math.mcgill.ca
indicating the title (and authors, if other than the sender of the
email) of the paper, as well as an abstract (in standard ascii format,
maximum 1 page) of the paper.  

A technical point: TAC can only accept files prepared with some
"flavour" of TeX or LaTeX - most authors ought to be able to arrange for
such a file to be prepared from their paper, but if you have problems,
let us know and we shall see if we can provide helpful advice.  General
advice for preparation of papers, including suitable macros, may be
found at the TAC home page, <http://www.tac.mta.ca/tac/>.

The Editors: 	Michael Barr    (e-mail:  barr@math.mcgill.ca)
		Philip Scott    (e-mail:  phil@csi.uottawa.ca)
		Robert Seely 	(e-mail:  rags@math.mcgill.ca)

A copy of this CFP may be found on the CTRC (Montreal category group)
home page <http://triples.math.mcgill.ca>.