Spring School on Categorical Methods in Logic & Computer Science

Spring School on 


                    Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich 

                               12-16 April 1999

This school is organised by the PhD Programme "Logic in Computer
Science". It aims at providing a general introduction into categorical
logic and type theory.  Moreover, two important concepts in this
context, sheaves and fibered categories, will be considered in more
detail. Ideally, at the end of the week connections and interrelations
between these topics will have evolved and the students have ideas of
the relations of categorical logic to their own research.

                            SHEAVES by Giuseppe Rosolini

                      FIBERED CATEGORIES by Thomas Streicher 

               CATEGORICAL LOGIC and TYPE THEORY by Martin Hyland 

Schedule: For each of the series there will be 5 lectures of 90
minutes, scheduled from monday to friday.  
Location: The lectures will take place in the Institute of Computer Science,
Prerequisites: Some familiarity with basic category theory
(e.g. Saunders Mac Lane, Categories for the Working Mathematician,
chapters I - V), predicate logic, typed lambda calculus. Further
details may depend on the suggestions of the lecturers.   
Registration: The number of participants is limited. If you are
interested, please register by sending an email to


containing the following information: name, email, affiliation,
research interests. 

Registration fee is 200,- DM (approximately 100 Euro), to be payed in
cash at the registration. We can offer help in finding accommodation.
Programme Committee:  
   Thorsten Altenkirch  
   Bernhard Reus  
   Helmut Schwichtenberg  
   Martin Wirsing  
Local Organisation:  
   Alexander Kurz  
   Dirk Pattinson  
   Felix Joachimski

Updated information can be obtained under 


Felix Joachimski

Graduiertenkolleg   Logik in der Informatik
Department of Mathematical Logic
University of Munich