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                        The University of Birmingham
                         School of Computer Science

                           Research scholarships
                Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

The School of Computer Science has research strengths in the areas of
Theoretical Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive
Science, and Software Engineering.

The Theory of Computation group concentrates on the development of
logics and semantics for programming languages. The overall aim is to
provide intuitive conceptual tools for the everyday practice of
programming.  Within this framework, the activities range from abstract
mathematics to issues of implementation and software development.
Current research projects include probabilistic modelling and model
checking, software verification, semantics for concurrent systems,
observation logics, exact real number computation, semantics for
databases, (linear) functional programming, type systems for
optimization of programs, type theory and automated deduction.

Current academic and research members of the Theory group are: Dr
Viviana Bono, Dr Valeria de Paiva (on leave during 1999), Dr Mateja
Jamnik, Professor Achim Jung, Mr Mathias Kegelmann, Dr Manfred Kerber,
Dr Marta Kwiatkowska, Dr Emilia Maietti, Dr Gethin Norman, Dr Eike
Ritter and Dr Mark Ryan.  Professor Uday Reddy will be joining from
January 2000.  There are also 8 PhD students associated with the group,
of the total of 30 in the School.  Possible topics for research
include, but are not restricted to:

   Probabilistic and stochastic systems    
   Software verification
   Model checking of probabilistic systems
   Semantics for concurrency
   Temporal and modal logics
   Domain theory
   Extensions to the relational database model (theory and implementation)
   Semantics of object-oriented languages   
   Parametricity and foundations of data abstraction
   Type systems for imperative and OO programming
   Linear logic, type theory and corresponding categorical semantics
   Linear abstract machines
   Machine-assisted reasoning
   Diagrammatic reasoning
   Theorem proving and proof planning
Applicants must have or be about to gain at least an upper second class
honours degree or an overseas equivalent in Computer Science or a related
degree title.

The School has a number of EPSRC Studentships, School Studentships and
Teaching Assistantships available to UK and European Union applicants.
School Studentships and Teaching Assistantships cover tuition fees and
maintenance for UK and European Union students.  EPSRC studentships do not
pay maintenance costs for non-UK students.

Further details of these studentships and also of studentships for
international students are given in:

The School's research student prospectus and application form are available

Informal enquiries can be directed to any member of the group:

Valeria de Paiva        (on leave during 1999)
Achim Jung		+44 121 414 4776
Manfred Kerber          +44 121 414 4787
Marta Kwiatkowska	+44 121 414 7264
Eike Ritter		+44 121 414 4772
Uday Reddy              (joining in January 2000)
Mark Ryan		+44 121 414 7361

email {vdp,axj,mmk,mzk,exr,mdr}@cs.bham.ac.uk
URLs  http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/{~vdp,~axj,~mmk,~mzk,~exr,~mdr}