Announcement for ISDT'99

                 October 17-24, 1999, Shanghai, China

          In cooperation with
                  Sichuan University,
                  Shanghai Normal University, and
                  Mathematical Center of Ministry of Education

The '99 International symposium on Domain Theory will take place on
the campus of Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai, China from
October 17 to October 24, 1999. This conference is intended to be a
forum for researchers in domain theory and its applications.

The invited speakers for ISDT '99 are:

      Klaus Keimel,    Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
      Jimmie Lawson,   Louisiana State University, USA
      Ji-Hua Liang,    Sichuan University, P.R. China   
      Guo-Qiang Zhang, University of Georgia, USA

In addition to the two-hour invited talks, a number of invited
participants will give 45min presentations. There will be a special
session devoted to types and concurrency. Contributed talks are
solicited in the general area of domain theory and its applications. 
Topics include:

      Topological and logical aspects of domains
      Categories of domains and powerdomains
      Partial orders and metric spaces
      Applications in databases, mathematics, and AI       
      Applications in types and concurrency
      Non-classical and partial logics
      Programming language semantics
A one page abstract including title, address, and e-mail address
should be e-mailed to  Prof. Guo-Qiang Zhang at gqz@cs.uga.edu before
May 15, in plain text and with header ISDT. The abstract should contain
a brief description of original work not appeared before elsewhere.
An URL  containing the electronic version of the paper in postscript
should be provided in the abstract when available. Authors are expected
to submit, after the conference, a full paper to be refereed for =
inclusion in the conference proceedings.

   Ying-Ming Liu,   (Chair, Sichuan University, China)
   Yixiang Chen,    (Co-Chair, Shanghai Normal University, China)
   Klaus Keimel,    (Co-Chair, Darmstadt University of =
   Guo-Qiang Zhang, (Co-Chair, University of Georgia, USA)

      De-Guang Yang, (Chair, Shanghai Normal University, China)
      Mao-Kang Luo,  (Co-Chair, Sichuan University, China)
      Guo-Rong Wang, (Co-Chair, Shanghai Normal University, China)

      Abstract:         May 15, 1999
      Notification:     June 15, 1999
      Pre-registration: May 20, 1999
      Full paper:       Nov. 5, 1999

The conference registration fee is $300, which covers all meals
and two sightseeing tours. Participants can stay in the guests hotel
on the campus of Shanghai Normal University which provides quality
accommodation at a reasonable price ($25/night). Early pre-registration
is encouraged to allow time for visa processing.
Registration forms, travel and local information, etc., will be posted
at the conference web site 
when available. For further information please contact

             Dr. Yixiang Chen
             Email: ychen@shtu.edu.cn
             Phone: 86 21 64322505
             Fax : 86 21 64323364