Position at U. Ottawa

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the
University of Ottawa is expecting one, if not several,
temporary positions for the upcoming year. The most
significant is the Canadian Mathematical Society
Fellowship.  This is a 3 year position (1 + renewable
for 2 years), at the level of Assistant Professor, 
with a reduced teaching load of 1 course per semester 
available July 1.   This  position recently became 
available when the current holder moved elsewhere. There 
may also be one or more temporary positions pending 
budgetary approval. 

We are hopeful to attract candidates interested in 
one or more of the following fields: 
	1. Categorical and Linear Logic
	2. Theoretical Computer Science
        3. Tensored Categories

We are also members of the Category Theory Centre in
Montreal (Team members and colleagues include: M. Barr,
M. Bunge, T. Fox, J. Lambek, M. Makkai, P. Panangaden, G.
Reyes, R. Seely).  The category team has weekly seminars 
(Ottawa is 2 hours from Montreal). We shall also be having  
frequent seminars of our team here at U. Ottawa. 

If you are interested, please contact one of us by
email right away:

Prof. R. Blute			Prof. P. Scott
rblute@mathstat.uottawa.ca      phil@mathstat.uottawa.ca 

Thanks.  We hope to hear from you soon.

		Rick Blute and Phil Scott