FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS !!
   Sixteenth International Conference on Logic Programming
The last Logic Programming Conference of the Nineteen hundreds

                  Las Cruces, New Mexico
                  Nov. 29 - Dec. 4, 1999

ICLP'99, the Sixteenth International Conference on Logic
Programming will be a unique event in several ways. It will be
organized in an integrated, theme-based way, with workshops,
tutorials, invited talks and regular conference presentations
grouped along key topics. Other new features will include
a fully open poster session and mini-tutorials to introduce the
more specialized sessions and workshops.

The conference will be held in Las Cruces, a small desert town
in southern New Mexico; famous for its red and green chilis,
hot Mexican food, and its old western traditions. The weather is
warm and sunny all year round. Recreational opportunities abound,
with ski resorts, hiking trails, casinos, etc. only short driving
distances away.

LPNMR'99, the International Conference on Logic Programming
and Non-Monotonic Reasoning, will also be held from Dec. 2 to
Dec. 4 in El Paso, New Mexico, only 30 miles away from Las Cruces.
Joint events, as well as the possibility of reduced joint
registration are planned. NLULP'99, the Natural Language
Understanding and Logic Programming Workshop, will also co-locate
with ICLP'99.


Since the first ICLP, held in Marseilles in 1982, ICLP has been
the premier international conference for presenting research
into logic programming.  Original papers are sought in all areas
of logic programming including (but not restricted to):

     Theory                        Implementation

         Semantics                     Compilation
         Formalisms                    Memory Management
         Non-monotonic reasoning       Parallelism

     Language Issues               Environments

         Constraints                   Program Analysis
         Concurrency                   Program Transformation
         Objects                       Debugging
         Higher Order              Applications
         Modes                         Deductive Databases
         Programming Techniques        Software Engineering
                                       Artificial Intelligence
                                       Natural Language

Specific attention will be given to work providing novel
integrations over these different areas, to the application of
logic programming in software engineering, including relations
to object orientation, to component-based and Internet-based
development, and to new applications of logic programming in

The technical program will include several invited talks and
advanced tutorials in addition to the presentations of the
accepted papers.  The invited speakers include:
        Ken Bowen               (USA)
        Vladimir Lifschitz      (USA)
        Fernando Pereira        (USA)
        Bernhard Thalheim       (Germany)
The conference proceedings will be published by MIT Press.
The conference is sponsored by the Association for Logic
Programming. Members of the Association for Logic Programming
will receive a registration discount and the ALP has some funds
to assist financially disadvantaged participants.


Papers must describe original, previously unpublished research,
be written and presented in English, not exceed 15 pages (A4 or
letter format, up to 5,000 words), and not be simultaneously
submitted for publication elsewhere.

Papers should clearly express the contribution of the paper, both
in general and in technical terms. It is essential to identify what
was accomplished, describe its significance, and explain how the
paper compares with and advances previous work. Authors should make
every effort to make the technical content understandable to a
broad audience.

The primary means of submission will be electronic, in Postscript
format. Details on the procedure and alternatives can be found at
the ICLP'99 web site. If electronic submission is not possible,
5 hard copies should be sent to the program chair at the postal
address given below. Regardless of the submission method, a letter
or e-mail message accompanying the paper must contain a plain text
abstract of about 200 words and the names, e-mail addresses if
possible, and postal addresses of all authors. The abstracts must
be received by May 4, 1999. The full submissions must be received
by May 10, 1999. Both are hard deadlines.


Conference chair: Gopal Gupta
Program chair: Danny De Schreye
Publicity co-chairs: Michael Leuschel and C.R. Ramakrishnan
Workshop coordinator: Enrico Pontelli
Open poster coordination: Bart Demoen and Chris Weaver
Regular poster coordination: Andy King and Chris Weaver
Program committee:

Annalisa Bossi        Mats Carlsson          Philippe Codognet
Veronica Dahl         Andrew Davison         Maria Garcia de la Banda
Bart Demoen           Danny De Schreye       Juergen Dix
Burkhard Freitag      Gopal Gupta            Michael Hanus
Steffen Hoelldobler   Andy King              Fariba Sadri
Giorgio Levi          Dale Miller            Luis Moniz Pereira
Raghu Ramakrishnan    Peter Stuckey          Mirek Truszczynski
Kazunori Ueda         Pascal Van Hentenryck  Peter Van Roy
Andrei Voronkov

  Submission (abstract):      May 4, 1999.
  Submission (full papers):   May 10, 1999.
  Notification:               July 13, 1999.
  Camera ready copies:        August 20, 1999.
  Conference:                 November 29, 1999.

Contact for organizational matters: iclp99@cs.nmsu.edu
Contact for program matters: iclp99@cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Contact via surface mail: Danny De Schreye, Dept. Computer Science,
                          K.U.Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200A,
                          3001 Heverlee, Belgium
URL: http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~complog/conferences/iclp99
OR : http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~iclp99