SAICSIT'99 call for papers

N.b.: Papers on types are welcome.  (General announcement follows.)

SAICSIT'99: Prepare for the New Millennium

Johannesburg, South Africa

The South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information
Annual Conference 17-19 November 1999

Keynote speaker: Barbara Simons, President of ACM

SAICSIT'99 promises to be an exciting mix of Computer Science, Information
Systems and business experience papers. If you would like to contribute, please
see our web page for a detailed call for papers, at


* Papers due: 22 July 1999
* Automatic extension to: 29 July 1999
* Acceptances due: 27 August 1999
* final corrections due: 24 September 1999
* Conference dates 17-19 November 1999

Philip Machanick
Department of Computer Science
University of the Witwatersrand,
2050 Wits, South Africa
phone 27(11) 716-4542
fax 339-3513/403-9317