Position announcement

The following position announcement might be of interest to readers of
the list. Note that the assistant professor position lists "theory of
distributed and concurrent systems", "abstract data types", and "data
and process algebra" as possible research areas.

  The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) invites
  applications for two positions:

  1.	Professor of Distributed Information Systems
	  Department of Computer Science / Communication
	  Systems Division

  The new professor will develop a first-rate research and teaching program
  in the area of distributed and/or mobile information systems. He/she will
  also have a strong background in the underlying fundamentals of computer
  science. Applications for appointments at the assistant, associate or full
  professor levels will be considered. Please contact Prof. Claude
  Petitpierre (+41.21.693.52.01, Claude.Petitpierre@epfl.ch) or Prof. Martin
  Hasler for more information (+41.21.693.26.22, Martin.Hasler@epfl.ch).

  2.	Assistant Professor of Computer Science
	  Department of Computer Science

  The new assistant professor will be active for example in areas like
  theories of distributed or concurrent systems, abstract types, temporal
  logic, data or process algebra, image and media servers (storage, access,
  indexing, management of mass of data, distributed hierarchical services,
  fault tolerance). He/she will have developed original theories, techniques
  or methods. Please contact Prof. Claude Petitpierre for more information
  (+41.21.693.52.01, Claude.Petitpierre@epfl.ch).


  For the two positions, aptitudes for research will be demonstrated by the
  publication of scientific articles in international journals and/or by
  patents and professional achievements. The positions require teaching
  talents and the capacity to guide students, Ph.D. students and young
  researchers. A taste and talent for multidisciplinary collaborations are
  essential. Industrial experience is an advantage. The new professor will be
  expected to have an international network of scientific relations. He/she
  will develop R&D projects in collaboration with industry.

  The EPFL is a top, internationally minded Institute of Technology which
  offers competitive salaries, substantial start-up packages and excellent
  research and teaching facilities. The EPFL strongly invites women to apply.

  Deadline for registration: September 6, 1999. Starting date: upon mutual
  agreement. Please ask for the application form by writing or faxing to:
  Presidence de l'Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne, CE-Ecublens,
  CH-1015 Lausanne, Suisse, fax nr. +41 21 693 70 84. For further
  information, please consult also URL: http://www.epfl.ch/,
  http://admwww.epfl.ch/pres/profs.html or http://research.epfl.ch/


I might be also able to give you some further information on these
positions, if you wish.


 -- Martin

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