Paper on Subtyping and Locality in Distributed Higher-order Processes

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                     SUBTYPING AND LOCALITY IN 

               Nobuko Yoshida and Matthew Hennessy

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Nobuko Yoshida 
University of Sussex 


This paper studies one important aspect of distributed systems,
locality, using a calculus of distributed higher-order processes in
which not only basic values or channels, but also parameterised
processes are transferred across distinct locations. An integration of
the subtyping of $\lambda$-calculus and IO-subtyping of the
$\pi$-calculus offers a tractable tool to control the locality of
channel names in the presence of distributed higher order processes.
Using a local restriction on channel capabilities together with a
subtyping relation, locality is preserved during reductions even if we
allow new receptors to be dynamically created by instantiation of
arbitrary higher-order values and processes.  

We also show that our method is applicable to more general
constraints, based on local and global channel capabilities.