Static Interpretation of Modules

I am happy to announce the availability of a paper to appear in the
Fourth International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP'99),
Paris, France, September 1999:

Title:       Static Interpretation of Modules 

Author:      Martin Elsman, Computer Science Division, University of
             California, Berkeley. (Work done while at University of

WWW:         http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~mael/papers.html

Abstract:    This paper presents a technique for compiling Standard ML
             Modules into typed intermediate language fragments, which
             may be compiled separately and linked using traditional
             linking technology to form executable code. The technique
             is called _static_interpretation_ and allows compile-time
             implementation details to propagate across module
             boundaries. Static interpretation eliminates all
             module-level code at compile time.
             The technique scales to full Standard ML and is used in
             the ML Kit with Regions compiler. A framework for smart
             recompilation makes the technique useful for compiling
             large programs.

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