Cfp: Realizability Semantics and Applications (MSCS special issue)

			      Call for Papers

			     Special Issue of

	    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (MSCS)


		  Realizability Semantics and Applications

       Editors: L. Birkedal, J. van Oosten, G. Rosolini, D.S. Scott

There has been recently a reawaking of interest in many aspects of
realizability interpretations -- especially as regards semantics of type
theories for constructive reasoning and semantics of programming languages.
But, the details of realizability can be quite technical, and therefore a
tutorial workshop on realizability and appliations was held in
June/July 1999 in Trento, Italy.  The workshop contained both tutorial
lectures and also contributed research talks, see 
for an overview.  

A special issue of the journal Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
(MSCS) will be devoted to papers on realizability semantics and
applications.  The volume will contain the tutorial presentations given by
invited speakers at the realizability workshop in Trento.  We now also
solicit contributions of research papers on realizability and applications
for the special MSCS volume.  Everyone is invited to contribute a paper
(i.e., not only researchers who contributed a paper to the realizability
workshop).  Papers will be refereed to the usual high standards of MSCS.

Instruction to Authors

Authors are invited to submit full original research papers. Papers
should be submitted via email to wr99@athena.disi.unige.it as a postscript
file, or by mailing a hard copy to

	Lars Birkedal
	School of Computer Science
	Carnegie Mellon University
	5000  Forbes Avenue
	Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

before January 1, 2000.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: January 1, 2000.