MSCS: Special Issue on "Lambda-Calculus and Logic"

Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
Volume 9 Issue 4

Special Issue on "Lambda-Calculus and Logic"
in Honour of Roger Hindley

M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, G. Longo and J.P. Seldin

A new method for establishing conservativity of classical systems  
over their intuitionistic version, Thierry Coquand and Martin  

Some logical and syntactical observations concerning the first-order 
dependent type system lP, Herman Geuvers and Erik Barendsen

On the existence of n but not n+1 easy combinators, Rick Statman

Coinductive characterizations of applicative structures, Furio  
Honsell and Marina Lenisa

A semantics for lambda calculi with resources, Gerard Boudol,  
Pierre-Louis Curien and Carolina Lavatelli

Extending partial combinatory algebras, Inge Bethke, Jan Willem  
Klop and Roel De Vrijer

Stratified polymorphism and primitive recursion, Norman Danner and  
Daniel Leivant

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