MPC2000: 5th Int. Conf. on Mathematics of Program Construction - CFP

                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                                MPC 2000

                     5th International Conference on


                             3--5 July, 2000

                         Ponte de Lima, Portugal

This conference aims to promote the development of mathematical principles
and techniques that are demonstrably useful and usable in the process of
constructing computer programs (whether implemented in hardware or software).
The focus of the conference is on techniques that combine precision with
concision, enabling programs to be constructed by formal calculation.
Within this theme, the scope of the conference is very diverse.
We welcome contributions to  programming methodology (for example, formal
methods for program specification and  transformation), to programming
paradigms (for example, generic programming techniques and type systems)
and to language design (for example, programming calculi and programming
language semantics).  Theoretical contributions are welcome provided their
relevance to program construction is evident; discussion of applications is
welcome provided the mathematical basis is evident.

A number of workshops will be organised in conjunction with the conference.

                            IMPORTANT DATES

Deadline for submission of papers:    3rd January, 2000
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 29th February, 2000
Final papers due:                     17th April, 2000

Full papers should be submitted in Postscript format by e-mail to reach
Jose Oliveira by 3rd January, 2000.


The conference proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag.
Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit a suitably revised and/or
extended paper for inclusion in a special issue of Science of Computer

                            INVITED SPEAKERS

Cliff Jones (Newcastle, UK)           Jan Rutten  (CWI, The Netherlands)
Mark Jones  (Oregon, USA)

                           PROGRAMME COMMITTEE

Roland Backhouse (cochair, UK)        Richard Bird (UK)
Eerke Boiten (UK)                     Dave Carrington (Australia)
Jules Desharnais (Canada)             Jose Fiadeiro (Portugal)
Jeremy Gibbons (UK)                   Lindsay Groves (New Zealand)
Zhenjiang Hu (Japan)		      John Hughes (Sweden)
Johan Jeuring (The Netherlands)       Burghard von Karger (Germany)
Dick Kieburtz (USA)                   Carlos Kloos (Spain)
K. Rustan M. Leino (USA)              Christian Lengauer (Germany)
Lambert Meertens (The Netherlands)    Sigurd Meldal (Norway)
Eugenio Moggi (Italy)                 Bernhard Moeller (Germany)
Oege de Moor (UK)                     Dave Naumann (USA)
Jose Oliveira (cochair, Portugal)     Kaisa Sere (Finland)
Mark Utting (New Zealand)             Phil Wadler (USA)

                           FURTHER INFORMATION

Please refer to the web page for further details.


Alternatively, email:  mpc2000@di.uminho.pt

or contact a member of the programme committee.