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State-based dynamical systems as found throughout computing science
are traditionally described as transition systems or certain kinds of
automata. During the last decade, it has become increasingly clear
that such systems can be captured uniformly as so-called
``coalgebras'' (which are the formal dual of algebras). Coalgebra is
beginning to develop into a field of its own, with its own
proof-methods (involving bisimulations and invariants). This workshop
will be devoted to both an introduction to basic coalgebraic notions
and techniques, and also to some recent advances in the theory of

We are looking for participants and contributed talks to this informal
workshop on both the theory and the use of coalgebras in computer
science.  The workshop will consist of two days, preceding the ETAPS
conference (25-26 March, 2000) at the Technical University of
Berlin. More information regarding submissions is given below.

The scope of the meeting includes the following themes: 

 - the theory of coalgebras (including set theoretic and categorical 
 - coalgebras as computational and semantical models (for programming 
      languages, dynamic systems, etc.); 
 - coalgebras in (functional, object-oriented, concurrent) programming; 
 - coalgebras and data types; 
 - (coinductive) definition and proof principles for coalgebras (with
      bisimulations or invariants); 
 - coalgebras and (hidden-sorted) algebras; 
 - coalgebraic specification and verification; 
 - coalgebras and (modal) logic 

Organization: Bart Jacobs (Nijmegen), Horst Reichel(Dresden), Jan
Rutten (CWI, Amsterdam) and Larry Moss (Bloomington, IN).

Program Committee: H. Peter Gumm (Marburg), Bart Jacobs (Nijmegen),
Ugo Montanari (Pisa), Larry Moss (Bloomington, IN), Ataru T.  Nakagawa
(Tokyo), John Power (Edinburgh), Horst Reichel (Dresden), Jan Rutten
(CWI, Amsterdam).


The following dates are important for submission to the ENTCS volume. 

   -  3 January 2000: deadline for submissions. 
   -  11 February 2000: notification of acceptance. 
   -  3 March 2000: final version. 
   -  25-26 March 2000: workshop, where a printed version of the ENTCS 
      issue will be available for participants. 
   -  (25 March - 2 April, 2000: ETAPS conference). 

The ideal submission is not longer than 20 pages, and gives a clear
exposition of the relevant ideas. It can be sent by email to: Horst
Reichel, or by ordinary mail to:
   Horst Reichel
   TU Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science
   Institute: Theoretical Computer Science

   D-01062  Dresden

The informations will be actualized on the following web page: