Possible amusement

I hope the "types" community will find the following article
(obtained off the Internet?) as enlightening as I did.

-Jon Riecke


Washington, DC (AP) Naomi Wolf, advisor to Vice President Al
Gore's presidential campaign, today clarified her remarks on
the dominance of alpha and beta.

"I never counseled Al to project an `alpha' male image," Wolf said
in a phone interview.  "Al is too much of an alpha male already.
Instead, I told him that `beta rules' and that he should consider
more carefully the role of substitution in his campaign.  Over the
next few weeks, you will see him replace many of his formal
advisors with actual, working ones."

Unnamed sources in Gore's campaign confirm Wolf's remarks.  It was
not clear whether they would adopt a `strict' policy of starting
the new advisors to work immediately, or a `lazy' strategy of
starting them when needed.

When informed of the turmoil caused by Wolf's latest
pronouncements, presidential-hopeful Bill Bradley said, "It's
sound advice.  For years, Gore has been nibbling around the edges
on policy---in effect, preferring changing names over changing
substance.  `Reinventing government' was just another name for
`Republican slash-and-burn.'  If I am elected president, I will
certainly prefer beta over alpha."

When asked about the possibility of extending her remarks to
`eta,' Wolf only said, "No comment."