Creation of a research position for the mu-COMM+ project

The PLUME group at LIP (ENS-Lyon) and the company NTSys offer jointly
a post-doc position with a qualification in the following domain :

	- formal methods, 

	- micro-computer operating  systems, 

	- JAVA.	

A more precise profile on the following field is wished :

 	- formal methods applied to security protocols,


	- JAVA card and its byte-code.

In addition the applicant should  have some of the following qualities:

	- autonomy and initiative,
	- curiosity et innovation spirit,
	- rigor toward security, quality of development and documentation,  
	- ability for team working.

Working environment

The post-doc will be part of the mu-COMM+ action of the PLUME group of
the computer research Laboratory (LIP) of the Lyon Ecole normale

mu-COMM+ is an action sponsored by the French program OPPIDUM of the
French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry.

PLUME group competences are in the domain of formal methods applied to
security protocols, as in the LINUX system (version DEBIAN) and in
JAVA cards.  As a member of the PLUME research group the post-doc will
be able, if he or she wishes, to participate to the group and
laboratory activities (seminars, working groups, training, meetings
with researchers of other groups, sport and cultural activities of
ENS, etc.)  Moreover, he will be able to use his or her spared time
for personal research connected with the project.  The working
language will be French or English.

mu-COMM+ action is a collaboration between PLUME and the company
NTSys, a start-up founded in October 1998 by two computer engineers of
the Lyon urban community specialized in NICT (New Information and
Communication Technologies) and high performances distributed
applications.  NTSys is positioned as a software editor and an
integrator of electronic commerce solutions.


The aims of the mu-COMM+ action are to improve high performance
micro-payment techniques on Internet.  The post-doc will work on

    - the analysis and formalization of security protocols,
    - the identification of cryptography algorithms adapted to mu-COMM+,
    - the preparation of a certification by the "Common Criteria for
    - the integration of  the mu-COMM+ software into LINUX,
    - programming of smart cards for authentification and
micro-payment applications.

Status and salary

The status will be this of a contract of 18 months with Ecole normale
superieure de Lyon starting January 1st, 2000 with possibility of
extension and hiring by the company NTSys.

Application forms

The application form will be written in French or in English.  It
should be sent by email or surface mail postal as soon as possible, in
any case before December 15 1999 to Pierre Lescanne.  It should
include the following items.

- a motivation letter,

- detailed vitae mentioning precisely the training and the competences
especially in past positions or training periods as previous

- means to contact the applicant.

For every  information contact

Pierre LESCANNE              
Ecole Normale Superieure		
F69364 LYON  Cedex 07     FRANCE        

Tel: x33 4 72 72 86 83
Fax: x33 4 72 72 80 80
E-mail: Pierre.Lescanne@ens-lyon.fr
page WWW: http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~plescann/