Winter Workshop in Logics, Types and Rewriting

            Winter Workshop in Logics, Types and Rewriting

                  Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

                      1 February - 3 February 2000


Confirmed invited speakers include:

       Henk Barendregt (Nijmegen, NL) 
       Stefano Berardi (Turin, IT) 
       N.G. de Bruijn (Eindhoven, NL) 
       Alan Budny (Edinburgh, UK) 
       Gilles Dowek (INRIA, FR) 
       Martin Hofmann (Edinburgh, UK) 
       Helene Kirchner (Nancy, FR) 
       Jan-Willem Klop (Amsterdam, NL) 
       Gordon Plotkin (Edinburgh, UK) 
       Simona Ronchi Della Rocca (Turin, IT) 
       Jonathan Seldin (Lethbridge, Canada) 
       Joe Wells (Heriot-Watt, UK)

Early registration fee is  150 UK pounds (75 for PhD students). The
registration fee covers refreshments, lunches and the banquet.
Luxurious accommodation with breakfast is available for 30 UK pounds per night
(22 for PhD students). Early registration fee applies until 12
January 2000. Thereafter, the registration increases by 50 UK pounds. To
register, send name, affiliation, address, e-mail, dates of
arrival/departure and a cheque in UK pounds drawn on a UK bank to cover the
registration fee and the number of nights of accommodation
required. The cheque should be made payable to Heriot-Watt University
and labelled "Winter Workshop in Logics, Types and Rewriting".

Post applications for registration to Professor Fairouz Kamareddine,
Attention Winter Workshop in Logics, Types and Rewriting, Heriot-Watt
University, Computing and Electrical Engineering, Riccarton, Edinburgh
EH14 4AS, Scotland. Fax: +44 131 451 3327.

In order to guarantee accommodation, it is advisable that your
application is sent as soon as possible.

Questions should be sent to fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk