Faculty positions, especially in programming languages, Iowa State

The department of Computer Science at Iowa State University
has multiple tenure-track faculty positions at all levels. 
The official ads for the positions are included below.
I would note that we are quite keen on getting people in programming
languages, formal methods, and software engineering.

I would appreciate it very much if you would kindly pass on this
information to graduating Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers
in your department/research group. Thanks.
        Gary T. Leavens

                     Department of Computer Science
                         Iowa State University
                   Current Faculty Position Openings
                 Faculty Positions in Computer Science
 We seek outstanding applicants for several tenure-track faculty positions at
 all  levels.  Preference  will  be  given  to  candidates  in  parallel  and
 distributed computing,  networks, bioinformatics, database and knowledgebase
 systems,   software  engineering,   intelligent  software   agents,  machine
 learning,  and  programming  languages. The  position  requires  a Ph.D.  in
 Computer Science  or a  related field, and  strong evidence of  research and
 teaching potential.
 The  department currently  has thirteen  full time tenure-track  faculty and
 offers BS,  MS, and Ph.D. degrees in  Computer Science. It also participates
 in interdepartmental  graduate programs in  Bioinformatics and Computational
 Biology and  Neuroscience. It has strong  research and education programs in
 algorithms,   artificial  intelligence,  bioinformatics   and  computational
 biology,  complexity  theory   and  complex  systems,  databases,  networks,
 parallel  and   distributed  computing,   programming  languages,  robotics,
 software engineering, and theory  of computing. A strong graduate program, a
 well-funded  research  program, opportunities  provided  by the  Center  for
 Bioinformatics  and Biological  Statistics ,  DoE Ames  Laboratory,  Virtual
 Reality Applications  Center, and moderate  teaching load (three courses per
 year)  provide  an excellent  work  environment that  nurtures leading  edge
 research and innovative education.
 Iowa  State University  is a  major land-grant  university located  in Ames,
 Iowa.  Ames is a pleasant  small yet cosmopolitan city  with a population of
 50,000 (25,000  students), a vibrant cultural  scene, and a secondary school
 system  that  ranks as  one  of  the best  in  United States.  It is  within
 convenient   driving   distance   from   the  cultural   and   entertainment
 opportunities offered by Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Chicago.
 Applicants  should  send  a  curriculum  vitae,  including  names  of  three
 references, to:  Chair of Search Committee,  Department of Computer Science,
 Iowa  State  University,  Ames,   IA  50011-1040.  Fax:  515-294-0258,  Tel.
 515-294-4377, E-mail: faculty-search@cs.iastate.edu.
 The deadline  for applications is  February 15, 2000 or  until the positions
 are filled.  ISU is an Equal  Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Women
 and minorities are particularly encouraged to apply.
             Interdepartmental Faculty Positions in Bioinformatics
 Applications  are invited  for  Assistant, Associate,  or Full  Professor in
 BIOINFORMATICS in  the Center for Bioinformatics  and Biological Statistics.
 Appointee will affiliate with an appropriate academic department.
 Applications are encouraged from individuals conducting research emphasizing
 algorithmic  and  statistical  approaches  to  problems  in  bioinformatics,
 genomics,  functional  and post-genomic  analyses,  metabolic pathways,  and
 protein structure/function prediction. See www.plantsciences.iastate.edu and
 www.bcb.iastate.edu.  A  Ph.D.  in  a computational  or  biological  area,
 extensive experience  in bioinformatics,  and strong teaching  potential are
 Iowa State University
 Department of Computer Science
 226 Atanasoff Hall, Ames, IA 50011-1040 USA
 phone: +1-515-294-4377, fax: +1-515-294-0258