Submitting type theory papers to CADE

My interest in type theory has always been driven by my belief that
types (and type inference) are of central importance in automated
reasoning.  For example, sorted unification is more selective than
unsorted unification.  The bottom line is that, as program chair of
CADE-17, I would like to encourage the submission of papers in type
theory.  Especially papers on soft typing (which I view as a form of
automated inference).  Soft typing has recently been used to improve
performance in theorem proving competitions. Papers on higher order
type systems have often appeared at CADE (e.g., Wierzbicki's paper on
higher order matching at CADE-16 or Schurmann and Pfenning's paper in
on higher order frameworks at CADE-15).

Here is a brief call for papers.

For the last 25 years CADE has been the major forum for the
presentation of papers in automated deduction.


 The  17th  International  Conference  on  Automated  Deduction

 		      Final Call for Papers


                         June 17-20, 2000
                   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

		   Submission Deadline January 15