The LINEAR International Summer School

             The LINEAR International Summer School

                 (Linear Logic and Applications)

                 August 30 to September 7, 2000

        Hotel Terra Nostra, S.Miguel, Azores, Portugal

The Linear TMR research network (http://iml.univ-mrs.fr/LINEAR) is
proud to announce its first International Summer School on Linear
Logic and Applications.

The school lasts one week and comprises both lectures and thematic
sessions directed to young computer scientists and mathematicians
interested in the field of formal logic and its applications.

The lectures are in the tradition of summer schools and cover one
topic, from basic material to more advanced issues. The topics and
lecturers are the following:

      Samson Abramsky --- Game Semantics
      Jean-Yves Girard -- Linear Logic and Ludics
      Stefano Guerrini -- Proof-Nets and Lambda-Calculus
      Yves Lafont ------- Phase Semantics and Decision Problems
      Phil Scott -------- Category Theory and Concrete Models

The thematic sessions will cover state-of-the-art research in Linear
Logic. Each session has an organiser responsible for inviting speakers
who will talk about their work. The themes and organisers are the

      Andrea Asperti ---- Applications
      Vincent Danos ----- Proof Theory
      Thomas Ehrhard ---- Semantics
      Glynn Winskel ----- Concurrency

The school will be held in the island of S.Miguel, Azores, amid
luxurious vegetation and hot water springs. The entrance to the mythic
kingdom of the Atlantis is believed to be located near Hotel Terra
Nostra, some say at the bottom of its famous red and hot water swimming

Mark the dates on your agenda now. Up-to-date information, including
the application form, is being made available at


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