Grad positions available

The Logic Team at the Math Department of the University of Ottawa 
announces that it anticipates having one or more openings in its graduate 
program beginning in September. These would be at either the Master's 
or Ph. D. level, and would come with funding in the form of tuition 
and an additional stipend.

The team is run by Phil Scott and Rick Blute, and specializes in the 
following areas:

-linear logic
-categorical logic and proof theory
-category theory, especially monoidal categories
-logic and foundations of computer science 

We have close affiliations with the University of Ottawa School of 
Information Technology and Engineering,  as well as the Category 
Theory Research Centre in Montreal, and our students have many 
opportunities to interact with the members of these institutions.

The Math Department at the University of Ottawa has a wide range 
of research interests and provides an excellent environment
for graduate study. Students here also have the advantage of living in one
of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and the national capital.

For further information, please visit our website at 
www.science.uottawa.ca/mathstat, or contact Rick Blute at 
rblute@mathstat.uottawa.ca or Phil Scott at phil@mathstat.uottawa.ca.