LICS 2000 Invited Talks and Accepted Papers (Preliminary)

Invited Talks

Ron Fagin, IBM Almaden Research Center
"Logic, Complexity, and Games"

Saul Kripke, Princeton University

Jean-Louis Krivine, University of Paris 7
"The Curry-Howard Correspondence in Set Theory"

Ken McMillan, Cadence

Bart Selman, Cornell University

Preliminary List of Accepted Papers

Automatic Structures
-- Achim Blumensath and Erich Graedel

A General Notion of Realizability
-- L. Birkedal

Computational Complexity of Some Problems Involving Congruences 
on Algebras
-- Clifford Bergman and Giora Slutzki

A Static Calculus of Dependencies for the lambda-Cube
-- Frederic Prost

Assigning Types to Processes
-- Nobuko Yoshida and Matthew Hennessy

Back and Forth Between Guarded and Modal Logics
-- Erich Graedel, Colin Hirsch, and Martin Otto

Precongruence Formats for Decorated Trace Preorders
-- Bard Bloom, Wan Fokkink, and Rob van Glabbeek

A Complete Axiomatization of Interval Temporal Logic
with Infinite Time
-- B. C. Moszkowski

Resource-bounded Continuity and Sequentiality 
for Type-Two Functionals
-- Samuel R. Buss and Bruce M. Kapron

Imperative Programming with Dependent Types
-- Hongwei Xi

More Past Glories
-- M. Reynolds

Definability and Compression
-- Foto Afrati, Hans Leiss, and Michel de Rougemont

A Syntactical Analysis of Non-Size-Increasing 
Polynomial Time Computation
-- Klaus Aehlig and Helmut Schwichtenberg

Complete Axioms for Categorical Fixed-Point Operators
-- Alex Simpson and Gordon Plotkin

The Role of Decidability in First Order Separations over Classes 
of Finite Structures
-- Steven Lindell and Scott Weinstein

On First-Order Topological Queries
-- Martin Grohe and Luc Segoufin

Dominator Trees and Fast Verification of Proof Nets
-- A. S. Murawski and C.-H. L. Ong

Models for Name-Passing Processes: Interleaving and Causal
-- Gian Luca Cattani and Peter Sewell

Probabilistic Game Semantics
-- Vincent Danos and Russell Harmer

Approximating Labeled Markov Processes
-- Josee Desharnais, Vineet Gupta, Radha Jagadeesan, and
   Prakash Panangaden

How to Optimize Proof-Search in Modal Logics:
A New Way of Proving Redundancy for Sequent Calculi
-- Andrei Voronkov

Game Semantics and Subtyping
-- Juliusz Chroboczek

Approximate Pattern Matching is Expressible in 
Transitive Closure Logic
-- Kjell Lemström and Lauri Hella

View-based Query Processing and Constraint Satisfaction
-- Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, 
   and Moshe Y. Vardi

Better is Better than Well: 
On Efficient Verification of Infinite-State Systems
-- Parosh Aziz Abdulla and Aletta Nylen

Paramodulation with Built-In Abelian Groups
-- Guillem Godoy and Robert Nieuwenhuis

Virtual Symmetry Reduction
-- E. Allen Emerson, John W. Havlicek, and Richard J. Trefler

A Modality for Recursion
-- Hiroshi Nakano

A Theory of Bisimulation for a Fragment of Concurrent ML 
with Local Names
-- Alan Jeffrey and Julian Rathke

The Girard-Reynolds Isomorphism
-- Philip Wadler

Efficient and Flexible Matching of Recursive Types
-- Jens Palsberg and Tian Zhao

A Decision Procedure for Term Algebras with Queues
-- Tatiana Rybina and Andrei Voronkov

Concurrent Omega-Regular Games
-- Luca de Alfaro and Thomas A. Henzinger

A Decision Procedure for the Existential Theory of Term Algebras 
with a Knuth-Bendix Ordering
-- Konstantin Korovin and Andrei Voronkov

A Model for Impredicative Type Systems Universes, Intersection 
Types and Subtyping
-- Alexandre Miquel