ECOOP Tutorials (Types)

Dear Types list,

    ECOOP 2000 will be held on June 12-16 in Cannes (French riviera) 
and, as every year, the first two days are dedicated to workshops and 
half-day or full-day tutorials. Among the latter we think that at least
the following three tutorials may interest some members of this list:

Bytecode Verification and Proof-carrying Code. 
by M. Abadi (Bell Labs) and P. Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)

Object-Oriented Considerations in Designing the
Java 2 Security Architecture.
by L. Gong (Sun Microsystems)

Programming with XML.
by Peter Buneman (University of Pennsylvania)

The full list of tutorials is appended. For more details please visit

best regards

Isabelle Attali and Giuseppe Castagna
ECOOP 2000 Tutorial Chairs

 T1  Using UML for Developing Complex Real Time Systems
 T2  Balancing Architecture Alternatives Based on Adaptability 
     and Performance Factors   
 T3  Advanced Visual Modeling : beyond UML 
 T4  Programming with XML
 T5  Object-Oriented Database Programming in Java
 T6  Patterns at Work
 T7  A Method for Pattern-Based Software-Construction
 T8  Framework Development and Adaptation with UML
 T9  Software Product Line Engineering
 T10 Design of Software Architectures
 T11 Metaclasses in C++ and their Application to Dynamical XML
 T12 Implementing Agent Applications in Java : Using Mobile and
     Intelligent Agents
 T13 An Introduction to Jini
 T14 IDLScript : Gluing CORBA Objects
 T15 Object-based Dependable Distributed Middleware
 T16 Improving Design and Source Code Modularity Using AspectJ
 T17 Garbage Collection
 T18 CORBA : From Objects to Components
 T19 Object-Oriented Design of User Interfaces
 T20 WEB and WAP : Application Development to Newest Technologies
 T21 XML Technologies and Object-Oriented Paradigms
 T22 Java Card
 T23 Developing Embedded Systems using the Java Programming Language
 T24 Object-Oriented Considerations in Designing the Java 2 Security
 T25 Bytecode Verification and Proof-carrying Code