WoLLIC'2000 - Call for Participation

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                         Call for Participation

        7th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
                            August 15-18, 2000

           Scientific Co-Sponsorship: IGPL, FoLLI, ASL, SBC, SBL

                    Hotel Barreira Roxa, Natal, Brazil

The "7th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation"
(WoLLIC'2000), the seventh version of a series of workshops which started
in 1994 with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary research in pure and
applied logic, will be held in Natal, Brazil, from August 15th to 18th, 2000.

The 7th WoLLIC'2000 has the scientific sponsorship of the Association
for Symbolic Logic (ASL), the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics
(IGPL), the European Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI),
the Sociedade Brasileira de Computacao (SBC), and the Sociedade Brasileira
de Logica (SBL).

  Natal is the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte, a sun shiny
  land of beaches, dunes, coconut trees, located in north-east coast of
  Brazil.  There, the summer takes all year long (sun shines more than
  300 days per year), and the heat is softened by a constant breeze.
  Along the 400-kilometer (250-mile) coast line, calm beaches with reefs
  forming natural pools altern with good surfing spots, almost untouched
  places full of sand dunes and coconut trees. 

  Andrea Asperti (Univ Bologna, Italy)
  Angus Macintyre (Edinburgh Univ, Scotland)
  Luiz Carlos Pereira (Pontificial Catholic Univ of Rio, Brazil)
  Toniann Pitassi (Univ of Toronto, Canada)
  Bruno Poizat (Univ Lyon I, France)
  Glynn Winskel (BRICS, Denmark)

  The Optimal Implementation of functional programming languages
  by Andrea Asperti (Dept of Computer Science, University of Bologna, Italy) 

  Definability, Measure and Randomized Algorithm
  by Angus Macintyre (Department of Mathematics, Edinburgh University, UK)

  The complexity of propositional proofs and connections to bounded
  arithmetic and computational complexity
  by Toniann Pitassi (Dept of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada)

  Complexity classes associated to quantifiers elimination.
  by Bruno Poizat (Inst Girard Desargues, Univ Claude Bernard, Lyon-1, France)

  Presheaf Models for Concurrency
  by Glynn Winskel (BRICS, Aarhaus University, Denmark)

  Sergei Artemov (Moscow Univ, Russia, and Cornell Univ, USA),
  Ricardo Bianconi (Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil),
  Sam Buss (UC San Diego, USA),
  Edmund Clarke (Carnegie-Mellon Univ, USA),
  Itala D'Ottaviano (Univ Campinas, Brazil),
  Heinz-Dieter Ebbinghaus (Univ Freiburg, Germany),
  Peter Johnstone (Cambridge Univ, UK),
  Hans Kamp (Univ Stuttgart, Germany),
  Pat Lincoln (SRI International, USA),
  Maarten de Rijke (Amsterdam Univ, The Netherlands),
  Colin Stirling (Edinburgh Univ, Scotland).

  B. C. Bedregal (UFRN),
  M. E. Coniglio (UNICAMP),
  A. M. P. Cruz (UFRN),
  D. Deharbe (UFRN),
  A. T. C. Martins (UFC),
  A. Moreira (UFRN),
  A. G. de Oliveira (UFPE/UFBA),
  R. de Queiroz (UFPE),
  R. H. N. Santiago (UFRN).

  For further information, contact the Chair of the Organising Committee:
  Ruy de Queiroz, Centro de Informatica, Univ. Federal de Pernambuco,
  CP 7851, 50732-970 Recife, PE, Brazil. E-mail: ruy@cin.ufpe.br,
  tel.: (+55 81) 271-8430, fax: (+55 81) 271-8438.

WEB PAGE: http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~wollic/wollic2000/