Call for papers: FOOL 8

			   Call for Papers

		  The Eighth International Workshop
	       Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages

			 Sponsored by SIGPLAN

			   January 20, 2001
			   London, England
			  Following POPL '01

  Submissions:    October   4, 2000
  Notifications:  November 13, 2000
  Final versions: December 12, 2000

The search for sound principles for object-oriented languages has 
given rise to much work on the theory of programming languages 
during the past 15 years, leading to a better understanding of the 
key concepts of object-oriented languages and to important developments 
in type theory, semantics, and program verification. The FOOL workshops
bring together researchers to share new ideas and results in these 
areas. The next workshop, FOOL 8, will be held in London, England, 
on Saturday January 20, 2001, the day after POPL'01.

Submissions for this event are invited in the general area of foundations 
of object-oriented languages; topics of interest include language 
semantics, type systems, program analysis and verification, programming 
calculi, concurrent and distributed languages, and database languages. 
The main focus in selecting workshop contributions will be the intrinsic 
interest and timeliness of the work, so authors are encouraged to 
submit polished descriptions of work in progress as well as papers 
describing completed projects.

A world-wide web page will be created and made available as
an informal electronic conference proceedings. 

Submission procedure

We solicit submissions on original research not previously published
or currently submitted for publication elsewhere, in the form of
extended abstracts. These extended abstracts should not exceed 5000
words (approximately 10 pages). Submissions should be e-mailed to
fool8@cs.williams.edu by Wednesday, October 4, 2000, using US-letter page
size Postscript or PDF. Each submission may be included inline in a
message or as a MIME attachment only. We may not be able to consider
late submissions, or submissions that do not have a working and
attended return e-mail address. (If electronic submission is
impossible, please contact the program chair in September.) Receipt of
the submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. Authors should inquire
in case a prompt acknowledgment is not received.

Correspondence and questions should be sent to fool8@cs.williams.edu.

Steering Committee

Martin Abadi, Bell Labs, Lucent
Kim Bruce, Williams College (chair) 
Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Research
Benjamin Pierce, University of Pennsylvania
Didier Remy, INRIA Rocquencourt

Program Chair
Kathleen Fisher

Program Committee
  Michele Bugliesi   Universita Ca'Foscari di Venezia
  Luca Cardelli      Microsoft Research	    
  Karl Crary         Carnegie Mellon University
  Susan Eisenbach    Imperial College
  Atsushi Ohori      JAIST 
  Jens Palsberg      Purdue University
  Jon Riecke         Bell Labs, Lucent
  Jerome Vouillon    University of Pennsylvania

Local Arrangements	
  Sophia Drossopoulou, Imperial College