POSTDOC still available...until Friday the 1st ...

[Note that this is an extension of the original deadline.  --BCP]

==                        Post-doc Position                        ==
==                          available at                           ==
==                 the University of Chambery (France)             ==

A One Year post-doctoral scholarship is available at the Logic/Computer
Science Group of the Math Laboratory in Chambery

Job description 

Our group works on Lambda-Calculus, Proof theory and their
applications to the design of a proof assistant. We are about to
release a new version of a proof assistant of the next generation:

In our mind, the intended applications of a proof assistant are:
- Education: Teach students what is a correct reasoning.
- Computer Science: Specifications and proof of programs or protocols.

The candidate should work on one of the following aspect of this
project (we would also consider candidates willing to work on other 
related subject) : 
- Improvement of the interface designed for first year math
student: this system has been successfully experimented with third
year students but a more intuitive interface is necessary for younger
- Theoretical work and implementation of a better module
system and a better equationnal reasoning.  In order to make proof
development easier, these aspects are crucial and really need
theoretical research.  
- Development of a library of basic mathematical results.  
- Theoretical work related to proving or extracting programs.

We wish the candidate to work on both aspects (theoretical and
implementation) but applications of candidates skilled in only one of
these aspects are also welcome.

The background and experience of the ideal candidate should include
- lambda-calculus. 
- logic: predicate and propositional calculus, proof theory, ...
- programming in a language of the ML family.  

Administrative data

- Approximative net income: 12,000 FF (1,800 Euros) per month.
- Deadline for application: Friday September the first 14PM (french
- Beginning of the position: before December 1st, 2000.
- No teaching required


Chambery is a multi-disciplinary university of 12,000 students in the
French Alps. The scientific campus is located close to the Lake of Le
Bourget in the Parc Scientifique Savoie Technolac.  The web site of
the laboratory is: http://www.lama.univ-savoie.fr


If you are interested, please contact:
- C Raffalli : 
     tÚl: (33) 4 79 75 81 03, 
     fax: (33) 4 79 75 87 42, 
     mail: Christophe.Raffalli@univ-savoie.fr
- R David : 
     tÚl: (33) 4 79 75 87 17, 
     fax: (33) 4 79 75 87 42, 
     mail: Rene.David@univ-savoie.fr