Relaunch of the Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming

Elsevier proudly announces the relaunch of the


formerly known as the Journal of Logic Programming.

The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming is an international
journal whose aim is to publish original research papers, survey and
review articles, tutorial expositions, and historical studies in the
areas of logical and algebraic methods and techniques for programming
in its broadest sense. All aspects will be covered, especially theory
and foundations, implementation issues, and applications involving
novel ideas.
Among the topics of interest to the journal are: 
- logic programming,
- constraint programming,
- abstract data types,
- classes and objects,
- components,
- process algebras and the pi-calculus,
- term rewriting,
- lambda calculus,
- algebraic specification and verification of systems,
- algebraic methods for syntax and semantics,
- applications of algebras, categories, domains, topological spaces and
  co-algebras to programming,
- applications of proof theory and model theory to programming,
- programming with topological data types

Elsevier will begin publishing the revised journal from 1 February 2001
onwards. It is intended to keep the time between submission and publication
to a minimum. In particular, the refereeing procedure for submissions to the
Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming is intended to be limited to
three months.
      	J.A. Bergstra (Amsterdam & Utrecht)
     	J.V. Tucker (Swansea)
Editorial Assistant:
        I. Bethke (Amsterdam)     	
Editorial Board:
	U. Berger (Swansea)
      	N. Nikitchenko (Kiev)
       	A. Ponse (Amsterdam)
       	V. Stoltenberg-Hansen (Uppsala)
	R.F. Staerk (Zurich)
       	E. Wagner (Garrison, NY & Bergen, Norway)
	K. Weihrauch (Hagen)
       	H. Zantema (Eindhoven)
     	J.I. Zucker (Hamilton)
WWW: http://www.elsevier.com/locate/jlap