International Termination Workshop 2001

                    Preliminary Call for Abstracts

                        INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP
                              (WST '01)

                       Utrecht, The Netherlands
                           May 20-21, 2001

After the successful international workshops on termination held in

   1. St. Andrews (1993),
   2. La Bresse (1995),
   3. Ede (1997), and
   4. Dagstuhl (1999),

the fifth international workshop on termination will be held in
Utrecht in conjunction with the International Conference on Rewriting
Techniques and Applications (RTA). We hope to attain the same friendly
atmosphere as in past workshops, which enabled fruitful exchanges
leading to joint research and subsequent publications.


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This workshop delves into all aspects of termination of processes.
Though, the halting of computer programs, for example, is undecidable,
methods of establishing termination play a fundamental role in many
applications and the challenges are both practical and
theoretical. From a practical point of view, proving termination is a
central problem in software development and formal methods for
termination analysis are essential for program verification. From a
theoretical point of view, termination is central in mathematical
logic and ordinal theory.

Areas of interest to this workshop, include, but are not limited to, the


     Well-quasi-order theory
     Ordinal notations
     Fast/slow growing hierarchies
     Strong normalization of lambda calculi
     Termination of programs
     Termination of rewriting
     Termination of logic programs
     Ordinals and termination orderings
     Hard termination problems/proofs
     Termination methods for theorem provers / verification systems
     Implementations of termination methods
     Applications of termination methods


Extended abstracts of papers (1-3 pages) should be submitted
electronically by February 2, 2001.  Expect notification by March
1. Authors of accepted papers will be expected to attend and present
their paper at the workshop.


The program will eventually be available here.

Registration Information

To register for the workshop, please fill out the registration form
before May 1, 2001.

Important Dates

                           February 2, 2001
                                           Submission deadline
                           March 1, 2001
                                           Notification of acceptance
                           April 1, 2001
                                           Registration deadline
                           May 20-21, 2001
                                           WST Workshop
                           May 22-24, 2001
                                           RTA conference

Program Committee

     Nachum Dershowitz (Tel-Aviv)
     Danny De Schreye (Leuven)
     J?rgen Giesl (Aachen)
     Pierre Lescanne (Lyon)
     Albert Rubio (Barcelona)
     Stephen Simpson (Pennsylvania)
     Hans Zantema (Eindhoven)

Further Information and Requests


           Nachum Dershowitz
           School of Computer Science
           Tel Aviv University
           P.O.B. 39040
           Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978
           Tel.: [+972] 3-640-5356
           Fax.: [+972] 3-640-9357
           Email: nachumd@tau.ac.il

      Local Arrangements

           Vincent van Oostrom
           Department of Philosophy
           Utrecht University
           Heidelberglaan 8
           3584 CS Utrecht
           The Netherlands
           Tel.: [+31] 30-253-2761
           Fax.: [+31] 30-253-2816
           Email: Vincent.vanOostrom@phil.uu.nl