APPSEM Workshop

                       THIRD APPSEM WORKSHOP
                        19.-22. March, 2001
                         Darmstadt, Germany

>From 19th to 22nd March the third workshop of the ESPRIT Working Group 
Applied Semantics (APPSEM) will be organized by the Darmstadt site of APPSEM
at a place near Darmstadt. (Darmstadt itself is very close to Frankfurt 

The intention of the workshop is to present the achievements of our working
group and to discuss new perspectives in particular of the application of 
semantic methods to problems arising from applications.
There will be several invited talks as e.g. by S.Abramsky, A.Gordon, 
H.Herbelin, P.O'Hearn, G.Winskel.
Participation of interested people not formally belonging to APPSEM is 
definitely encouraged.  

More details (in particular concerning registration) can be found at


Hoping to see you in March,

Thomas Streicher