Marktoberdorf Intl. summer school

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NATO Science Committee
Institut fuer Informatik, Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Advanced  Study Institute

     International Summer School   Marktoberdorf

    July 24 to August 5, 2001

The "Marktoberdorf Summer School" is a two weeks' course for young
computer scientists and mathematicians working in the field of
formal systems development. The course aims at the dissemination
of advanced scientific knowledge and the promotion of international
contacts among scientists.

H. Schwichtenberg, Munich, Germany
J. Tiuryn, Warsaw, Poland
M. Broy, Munich, Germany
R. L. Constable, Ithaca, USA
S. S. Wainer, Leeds, United Kingdom
SECRETARY R. Steinbrüggen, Munich, Germany

As society relies more heavily on software for its welfare and
prosperity, the need to create systems in which it can trust is
a major concern.  Experience has shown that confidence can only
come from sharper understanding and can only be based on
logically sound foundations.
The doubling of (hardware) processor speed every 1.5 years
(Moore's Law) has driven the computing and information
revolution.  Equally critical has been the corresponding rapid
evolution of software systems that can fully exploit this power.
 Now with the emergence of a world-wide computing infrastructure
 that enables global distributed and collaborative programming
 with components, the stage is set for an acceleration in
capabilities for creating software.
The international summer school will present the state of the
art and will provide an excellent opportunity for verification
and dissemination.

Domains and Semantics
V. Stoltenberg-Hansen -- Domain Theory
S. Abramsky -- Semantics via Game Theory
G. Stefanescu -- Algebra of Networks
Logical Foundations
N. Jones -- Computability and Complexity
F. Pfenning -- Logical and Meta-Logical Frameworks
J-Y. Girard -- Ludics
Proof and Security
R. Constable -- Resource Bounded Logic for System Reliability
G. Necula -- Proof-Carrying Code
O. Grumberg -- Model Checking, Abstractions and Reductions
Programming Logic
J. Tiuryn -- Programming Logic
T. Nipkow -- Mechanized Programming Logic
Logic and Feasibility
S.S. Wainer -- Proof Theory and Complexity
H. Schwichtenberg -- Proofs, Lambda Terms and Polynomial Time

Drafts of the lectures can be found on the web early in 2001
under the URL http://www4.in.tum.de/div/summerschool/
Apply for participation under this URL or by application
forms obtainable from the address below.

DEADLINE for APPLICATION:  March 6, 2001

Institut fuer Informatik,
Technische Universitaet Muenchen,
- Summer School -,
80290 Muenchen
Phone: (+89) 289-25764 / -28195
Fax: (+89) 289 28183
Telex: 52 28 54 tumue d
E-mail: steinbru@in.tum.de

Previous training and experience in computer science
as well as a solid background in mathematics are
indispensable. The applications will be considered with
due regard to a fair distribution of the 80 places
available among applicants from the various countries.
A letter of recommendation by the home department or
institution is requested.
Applications without a letter of recommendation cannot
be taken into consideration.

The Summer School will be held at Marktoberdorf, a small
town about 100 km southwest of Munich. All participants
will be accommodated in the boarding house (double rooms)
of the local high school, Gymnasium Marktoberdorf. Due to
the limited number of rooms accompanying persons cannot
be lodged in the boarding house.

The directors and the organizing committee of the Summer
School do not assume any responsibility or any liability
for persons participating in the meeting.

All applicants will receive notice by May 15th. Every
person who is admitted to attend the Summer School as
participant has to pay DM 1.160,- for the living expenses
(covering accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner,
refreshments, and social events) and DM 1.640,- for the
 participation fee (including working material - to be
distributed upon arrival - and a copy of the final
proceedings). An invoice to the respective amount will
be sent to all participants together with a letter of
acceptance. Payment of the invoice is due in advance
and must be remitted to our bank account by June 30 th
at the very latest.

It is hoped that you can obtain support for your travel
 and living expenses and for the participation fee from
your institution or other sources in your own country.
However, should this not be possible, limited funds are
available for those participants who will need financial
 aid to cover a part of their costs. If a support for
travel expenses is granted, the amount will be reimbursed
 to the participant during the Summer School at
Marktoberdorf by a DM-cheque.

Please fill in your application form properly and completely.

DEADLINE for APPLICATION:  March 6, 2001